January 10, 2012

Bitter Sweet Blessings.

Some of you may have noticed I have been M.I.A. in the blogging world if you have been checking my blog for new posts. Then again, maybe no one noticed I've been gone for a few days ( laughs).. Either way, I am back and I'd like to tell you why I haven't posted..
    January 5th I was the recipient of the greatest belated Christmas gift I could have ever asked for. My middle nephew who is now 23 years old called and told me he was coming to see me January 5th and staying until the 10th. I have not seen him in nine years. Those who know me personally, also know that my brother has three children who are grown up now but, none the less, will always be children to us. They are ages, 21, 23, 26 and, they're they lights of my life and the heart of my heart.
   I have lived in the South now for the last nine years due to certain reasons and they all still live in the North. We are a small family but we are a tight knit family. Due to my illness constraints it's not possible for me to travel and my family has their jobs and so forth as well as that it can be expensive to come down here but I know they do try to get here when they can. But, as I said above, we may be small but we are all very close even though there is distance in miles between us.  So a nine year separation from my middle man was about all I could take. I was, beginning to lose it.. Yes, I know, I lost it long ago. blah blah blah (laughs)....
   I had a wonderful time with Eric. Just seeing him made my day for 5 1/2 days. I haven't been this happy in many years and it must have showed because everyone I saw this week kept telling me how good I looked, meaning happy and I was and still AM!.. This morning was bitter sweet though as Eric had to leave at 1:00pm to catch a 2:30 flight back North. Five and a half days was just not long enough but I am so thankful to God that he enabled Eric to be here for even that time. I had missed him so and while I miss him again I am eternally thankful.. I would like to share some photos of our time together with you. So without further ado. Here they are. I hope you enjoy them.
                           Our reunion at the airport after a nine year separation. I did really well with my emotions until I saw him.. Then the flood gates opened and I couldn't hold them back anymore. I was SO overcome with happiness. I know I don't look happy in this picture but those are tears of pure joy.
We took, my husband and I , took Eric and his girlfriend out to the local Chinese Restaurant for dinner on Saturday night. The food was good and we had a really nice time just enjoying our nephew.

This is myself and my nephew Eric outside the restaurant. 
This is my nephew Eric and his girlfriend Laura who turned out to be a wonderfully sweet girl who really cares for my nephew.

Even at 23, he's still my silly little boy which I love.. 

                                   This is my husband and I at the restaurant.
My husband, myself and my nephew. I like to call this one, Two men and a lady :). This was taken back at our house after the restaurant. 

On Monday morning I made brunch for all of us. I don't usually do this much cooking but it was so much fun to cook for him again, I couldn't stop myself. I forgot to take pictures of the dish before it was eaten so here is what was left. I made an Italian Sausage, Potato,Egg and Cheese Casserole and it came out great. I served rolls with butter, Raisin / Cinnamon bread, bacon on the side with Orange juice and coffee. It was a really, really nice morning. 

Brunch was enjoyed by all .. 

On Monday evening, I wanted to cook a nice big Italian Meal and and so I did!. It was Delish!. We had Lasagna, meatballs, salad and a home made herb bread that I made. 
Yes, my house is still decorated from Christmas. I plan to start taking things down sometime this week.  But it still looks nice :) 

I took some pictures during the meal and some afterwards. We had fun Monday night. After dinner Eric and his uncle watched a movie and I laid down for some much needed rest. We had a really nice night. 

Then came bitter sweet Tuesday. Since Eric had a birthday at the end of December and he was home I thought I would buy him a birthday cake so we could celebrate his birthday together for the first time in too many years. Even if it was late, I still loved be able to do it with him again. 

Here are some photos we took just after we had cake this morning.
I always have to get my face smasher kiss in no matter how old Eric or his brother and sister get!.
 I love this photo. This is the last one we took before he left.

I hope you enjoyed my little photo blog of my week. For me it was a blessing I had been praying for, for a long time. I began to miss Eric before he even left the driveway for the airport and I miss him once again but I am beyond grateful to God for making it possible that one of my babies was able to come and spend time with me.. Time I needed with them probably more than anyone could ever understand.....


  1. I just loved seeing the pics! Its so much easier to put the gist of the story together to know who who is. You do look very happy and I am sure the endorphins were really flowing. You have been needing this kind of boost for a long time. Its hard to be away from family. Its what brought me back from Austin - I was going nuts being away from all of them. That was really a long distance and not affordable to be coming home often.

  2. I like the photo of you in the green hugging Eric--too bad you didn't live up near your family! Glad you had such a great week!


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