January 25, 2012

Getting There..

If you read one of my last posts,  I think it was about New Year resolutions, by the way, I can't stand them.. I like thinks to be more simple, no pressure.. I wrote in that post about wanting to get my home more organized..

I have decided to start with my computer room / office.. Which is a never ending battle. I took a good look at it a few weeks ago in all it's glorious, monstrous mess and realized a few things.. Firstly, this room is too small for the large desk thats in there. We actually had 2 desks in there but I had Mr L. take one apart and get it out of there.. Secondly, there is so much 'stuff' crammed into the drawers of this desk that either I only look at maybe once a year or don't use at all and it's become a dumping ground for all the " I don't know what to do with this" items.

Last week I got started and the first place I hit was the file draw portion on the bottom. That draw has been overflowing to the point I can rarely find what I am looking for on the first look and I can also barely get it open.. I thought to myself, do I really need ALL this paperwork? So I took about 3 hours and went through every single file and piece of paper. I organized things that I must keep and tossed those that I was hanging onto for either emotional reasons or the ever over used excuse "Oh I can sell that on Ebay someday"..By the time I was done, I had emptied the paper shredder no less than 7 times, the entire draw was empty! and all those papers I thought I "needed"? Ended up in 2 small portable file boxes. One holds important papers like Tax returns, One year of bank statements, certain manuals for appliances and such, medical records etc. The second box I have is for papers that I will need constant access too and this box will go on top of the other one that I don't need to access much...Once I clean out the small cabinet that is overflowing with junk then it will be time to get rid of the desk and find the small antique table I would like to put in there to use as a desk.. We have a wonderful antique store here in town that I just found and I cant wait to go looking in there..

Here are some photos of my "Big Paper Clean Out"

Before the purge...
New Supplies. This is a portable Filing Box I got at Office Depot. I bought two.
 New hanging file folders. The ones I have although I reused some were pretty shabby.
Yay! Its empty!!

The Final Result. This file is for papers I dont need constant access to.
 And this file is for the papers I use all the time... What a huge difference!
Have you started any great paper purging this year? If so, share what you've done. I and my readers would love to see! :)


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  1. Our Credit Union twice a year has what they call a "Shred Fest". You can take all your papers you want shredded and it goes directly into a truck and you can hear it cutting it up. So I put things that aren't important or needed to be kept in a box and when that time comes, I just load it into the car and off I go. Never gets to the point of overflowing - either the box or my file cabinet! Proud of you, not an easy job!


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