January 3, 2012

Got Pills and A Razor?

No, I don't mean Pharmaceutical Pills, I mean, lint Pills! You know those annoying pieces of lint that you can barely get off your favorite clothing? They look like this...
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I had bought an outfit from Victorias Secret about a year ago. Its made of Cotton and Cashmere. Now the label said, "hand wash only" but, I was told by many people in the industry that when labels say that 99% of the time you can still put them in your washing machine and dryer so hey, what do I know.. I listened to them and did just that. Well the end result was this.

The pants and the top to match were covered front and back of each piece in these small tiny white pills that looked like I had been walking in a snow storm.. I tried every method I knew to get these annoying little monsters off but, to no avail. So my gorgeous, soft Cashmere and Cotton set was now just something to wear around the house. That is until I came across a blog a few weeks ago, sorry I don't remember which one, who had a great idea for removing pills like this.
Now this method may be old hat to some of you but to me, it was new and I was excited! If it worked that is..For those who do not know what I'm talking about it's so simple that I can't believe I never thought of it.. All you need is a throw away razor like this one. 
You take the razor and carefully, let me emphasize that, 'carefully' shave the fabric and would you believe the pills come off!.. Yes they do!... I umm, did cause a few tiny, tiny holes here and there that I will sew up but nothing drastic and I did slice off part of my finger nail pretty badly which is why I said to do this "carefully".. My old outfit is new again and I can wear it in public once again without people thinking I just fell out of my dryer. Here is the end result. 
You saw what the pants looked like above, the shirt was just as bad but now it's like it is all brandy new again. And that folks is my tip for the day. I hope it can help someone else. 

OK, one last question.. C'mon now, what did you 'really' think this post would be about from the title? Leave your answer in the comment link and if you have any helpful household tips you'd like to share, please leave them as well, I am always looking for more. 


  1. Well, I didn't think it would be about that kind of pill, nope! I don't think I would have the guts to try a real raiser on a piece of cloth. ...but then I haven't had something quite that bad , lol!

  2. Laura West4/1/12 3:09 PM

    I thought maybe you were going to cut your pills in half to make them last longer. I have done the razor thing for so many years that I forget some of the young ones don't know this trick! And it has to be done carefully or you will get bigger holes the first few times. You did well!

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