January 26, 2012

Wet Cement ....

Short on words today but wanted to share this new nail color I discovered the other day.. For all I know it's been around a long time, but I just found it last week... Its from the Sally Hanson line, yes I like her line and it's called "Cement" it's this awesome grey color.

I usually gravitate more towards pinks an purples but this grey really caught my eye.. I also like that it's a matte and not sparkly....here is what it looks like after 2 coats and 2 coasts of clear (top coat).. S'cuse my unmanicured fingers.. been a bit busy lately to worry about it.. Soon though, I will be treating myself to one because boy could I use one and well, I think I deserve one.. A girl has to pamper herself every now and again...

 Do you have a favorite nail color and or line? Please share it with us as I am always interested in beauty items! :) 



  1. Oh yes I have a favorite! I use OPI's Smokin Havana. Gorgeous brick red sorta color. I can't wear reds because my skin is so white and it shows all the flaws. But this color is amazing and lasts forever. I don't get manicures, but you are right - a girl deserves one now and then. I am having some surgery next month and when done and I can get around, I will have one!

  2. Thanks for your visit. This is a color I have not seen yet, very nice! Come say hi any time. :D


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