February 25, 2012

Little Balls of Sunshine..

Yes I know my title is misleading but you'll see why as you read through this recipe post.. LOL..

This is for all my readers who are foodies, who like to try new recipe or simply just love food. I made this today. It looks and smells delicious. I took lots of photos so you can see as I cooked. Some of the photos are super bright. Sorry about that.. The Flash on my camera kept getting all wonky on me... Leave me a comment if you try it, I would love to know what you think about it.

Ham 'N Swiss Cheese Broccoli Quiche 

1 Cup Milk or half & half cream. ( I used Milk) 

4 Eggs. 

Okay, I laughed when I saw these in the bowl. I know, egg yolks, what can be so funny about egg yolks? Do I have any "Golden Girls" fans out there? There was an episode years ago on the show where Blanch Devereaux my favorite character played by Rue McClanahan, was in her own mind this amazing author and she was going to write the greatest novel of all time. Well she stayed up for over 24 hours and she was totally over the edge emotionally with fatigue. While in the kitchen, Betty Whites character Rose Nylund was separating eggs and putting the yolks into a small plastic baggy.. Well in comes Blanch who looks at the yolks in the bag with her insomniac eyes and say "Oh Look, little balls of sunshine".. LOL If you havent seen it you must.. It's priceless.. So when I saw the yolks this morning I said "Oh look, little balls of sunshine".. LOL.. OK, yeah I know, back to the recipe..

1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Dry Mustard 
1/4 teaspoon of Pepper. 
 1 cup Ham. Cooked and Cubed. ( I used a little more than one cup)

1 1/2 cup shredded Swiss Cheese. ( I couldn't find shredded swiss cheese so I just bought a brick and shredded it myself)
1 cup Broccoli Flowerettes, blanched & well drained. You can use fresh but I used frozen Broccoli and just cooked it a bit.
1 tbsp Chopped Onion
1 Pie Crust
Directions :

Heat oven 350 degrees. In medium size bowl, combine milk, eggs, mustard, pepper; set aside. Layer ham, cheese, onion and broccoli in pie crust. Pour egg mixture over the top. Bake 40 to 50 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 5 minutes; cut into wedges . Garnish as desired. Makes 6 to 8 servings.

And for your viewing pleasure I found the video of the Golden Girls I was talking about.. It still makes me laugh.. Hope you get a good giggle too! :)  LOL!

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