February 15, 2012

Health Update

Wow, its been a while since I've posted. Sorry about that but as they say, life sometimes gets in the way..I don't have much to say today because I haven't been able to do much in the way of cooking or crafting on the last few weeks, but I thought I would post an update on what has been keeping me away from the blog..

For starters, I got sick the 3rd week in January
.. Have no idea what it was, the doctor said it was some kind of virus. Two antibiotics and three weeks later I was just beginning to feel better. Whatever it was, it kicked my butt for a while..

Now that I am back up on my feet for the most part this week, it was Mr L's turn to go in for another Spinal Myelogram. For those who don't know what that is, basically it's like getting an epidural shot into your spine, they inject dye and then take a series of X-rays which are then sent off to your neurosurgeon for review.  Maybe I didn't post about whats happening with him? Well, incase I didn't, a few weeks ago Mr L. went for a second opinion on what is going on with his back pain that has been increasing to horrendous levels over the past 6 months despite all the heavy pain medication he's on..  A little background.. Mr L. has had 6 spine surgeries so far and the last one he had in 2009 was an epic failure because the doctor royally screwed up.. Flash foward to 2011 and he's been walking hunched over for almost 14 months..He had another surgery in 2010 with a new surgeon who tried to fix the damage and unfortunately we have now found out , it didn't work. Why did we wait so long? Because when you are dealing with a spinal fusion it takes a long time to see if the bones are actually fusing together. Too much info there?

Two weeks ago we saw a new surgeon who informed us that after the x-rays he took, Mr L's spine has now grown deformed from him walking hunched over for so long and instead of your spine being straight his is now like an arch. In order to fix this and relieve his pain they 'may' have to break his back in two to three places, also replace all existing metal that is there, insert a stabalizing rod the length of his spine and then fuse up a few more levels finally stopping at what would be the mid chest area.  Today's test was to see just how many of the spinal bones have fused together which will tell the surgeon where he may need to break the back to reset it and, if he can even perform the operation. If he can't Mr L will have to go up to possibly Duke University in NC. We shall find out more about that on the 29th..

About today's procedure. All went well except hubby got stuck with a real, shall we say, less than 'bright' nurse and by the time I picked him up he was pretty ticked off. As he was relaying to me scene by scene what happened I had to try very hard to conceal my laughter.. not that what happened was very funny but,you if you knew Mr L personally you would know he can be very funny at times.. I did well, he only caught me giggling once. I know bad wifey.. LOL.. Hey sometimes, it just can't be helped..

Friday is my turn.. I am off to a hospital about 45 minutes away from me to see a new digestive doctor in the hopes he can figure out all my problems and pain.. I don't want to say to much more about this until I know exactly what is going on so until then, your prayers would be appreciated.. I will give an update soon as I get home from there.

Thats about it for now..Just wanted to pop in and let you all know why I haven't posted and if you come to the blog and hear crickets, you'll know why... I do hope to be able to post as things move along..

I hope you're having a happy and blessed week!



  1. My BIL has had the same probs as Lou. He now has a stimulator permanently implanted, but he still has to take pain meds. It helps for short periods of time which gives him some relief from the pain. I know they don't have exact same problems, but he has had fusions and possible breaking of his back and insertion of rods because the discs are slowly deteriorating. He has had to go on disability and won't ever work again. He is my age and this is a killer for his family. I truly pray that something good comes from a second opinion and he gets the right treatment.

    As for you, keep bugging them until they find out what it is that is getting you down. I did and I am truly praying this surgery next week works for me and gets me off narcotics.

    Take care! Hugs.

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