March 3, 2012

Do Nothing Saturday?

Ummm, not so much.. I was really looking forward to a do nothing Saturday.. What I like to call a "me day".... as I laid in bed this morning before getting up, I was totally immersed in my delusional thinking that I would just get up, make something to eat and oh my, maybe even go back to bed for a few more hours.. After all, it is raining and it's a good day to sleep and well.. do nothing... So I very peacefully walked myself to the kitchen and in an instant! my delusion was over and reality was staring me in the face.. Oh the horror of it all!..My very dirty white tile dining room floor.. Then the little voice in my head started to berate me.. " White tile floor, rain outside, 7 dogs equals 28 paws dragging in water, mud and grass... and you REALLY think you're going to do nothing today?"
Then I looked over to the right and what did I see? Good googly moogly! Calgon take me away!! A sink of dirty dishes.. now I know I'm getting older, but I could have sworn I had this sink empty and clean before bed last night????
Then of course the good me said "don't do it, just don't do it..*sigh* she did it".. I looked to the left of me and saw the dumping ground my dining room table had become all week...
That was enough for me.. Delusion gone, reality here...It was time to get my game on even though my 'game' was still resting in bed... 

Onyx needed to be fed his special diet.. Poor booty booty as I like to call him has a rotten tummy like his mom, me ...So he needs special food twice a day.. 

Loaded all those nasty dirty dishes into the dishwasher.
After vacuuming, out came my Haan Slim and Light steamer to steam the dining room and kitchen floors.

Next, it was on to my favorite can't live without Lysol clean the counters, the stove top, the light switches and anything else that isn't nailed down..
Then, like a dope I just had to look at the Baileys blankey (Bailey is one of my Lhasa Apso's, one day I will post pictures of all my furkids for you to see).. he had mashed cookie stuck all over it.. I did think for just a split second that my Lab Jake could just chew off the cookies that were stuck all over this but then my conscience got the best of me so it was now time to do laundry so I washed every blanket in the house.
and finally for the highlight of the morning (someone pass the Tylenol and a Vodka please) it was time to sit, sort and pay the monthly bills. 
As you can see, my Do Nothing Saturday went straight to hell in a hand basket.... How about your Saturday? Are you doing something or..... nothing at all?


  1. Tylenol and vodka! You're my kinda woman. I was planning a lazy day for tomorrow but then I realized that I really need to clean out my garage. If you come over and help I'll supply the vodka.

  2. Yes, it was a very rainy day on Saturday!I was wondering if your floors get slippery. We need to replace some of our flooring and there is not much to choose from around here except for tile or wood. I really don't want either in my kitchen or bath, but I need to do something! The vinyl choices around here are not good. I am waiting for one place to get back to me on this and they might have more samples of some vinyl. I prefer the vinyl because it is less slippery and not so hard and cold. Tell me how you like it. I noticed you use a steamer to clean it--- ugh! let me know when you get time!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sorry that you didn't get your sleep in day after all! Maybe next weekend? :)


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