March 6, 2012

First and Last Love?

I was reading an article this morning about first loves.. The author of this article seems to believe that first loves are the new trend in reasons for divorce in the 21st century.. 

While I didn't agree with everything the author had to say, she did make some valid points.. With the ever popular social networks today it seems that people are more connected than ever before and it's now sort of easy to look up and find anyone you pretty much want too.. 

People, both men and women seem to be contacting their first loves at an alarming rate and while some of these re-connections don't go beyond the friendly, catch up conversation, a larger majority are going beyond that all the way to divorce and remarriage..

What I did agree with in this article was that, first loves remind us of home and being young. They also stir up and bring to the surface feelings some thought were long dead and buried only to have them rekindle and burn as hot as white heat...

What is your take on this new trend? Have you connected with your first love again? Has it led to more than friendly conversation? Please leave comments as I am interested in what people think and you can even do it anonymously.  Interesting don't you think?


  1. Via Facebook I found a guy that I had the deepest crush on in High School. He didn't know it and said he had one on me. He never married saying the right one never came along. Due to circumstances of my father retiring from the Military we moved out of state and I lost contact with him. Coming back now its more of an adult friendship, but I so look forward to hearing from him.

  2. I am in contact thru facebook with a couple old boyfriends. We are "friends" on facebook just to say hello at first but we don't email back and forth or comment on eachother's posts or anything.

  3. Oh no, I haven't and have no desire to. There was a reason I chose my hubby and we are good for each other. The others I dated just were not the right mix for me and they all have great families now.


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