March 12, 2012

Health Update

Just wanted to give an update on my ongoing health issue's..

This morning I went for an Upper Endoscopy to see if it can be figured out why in 9 years the ability to swallow solid food is slowly becoming non existent for me. Please forgive me if this post is somewhat scattered as my brain is still feeling a bit scattered..

The day started with a 45 minute drive to the hospital.. Was I nervous? Not so much on the way there but after we arrived, the tears began to flow.. can't help it.. I'm 41 years old and ever since I can remember, I've always cried when I am afraid.. Some things never change..

 After I got my ugly barcode and allergy bracelets, then the IV was put in and I was hooked up to a bag of Saline.. I asked the nurses to please be sure the saline dripped in slowly because if it goes to fast my body reacts with body jerking, teeth chattering and I end up feeling like I'm in a deep freeze.. They assured me that it was going in slowly.. as I lay there, MR L had an appointment with his back surgeon who was in the building next to where I was so I told him to go..One of the anesthesiologists came in and explained everything to me in detail of what would take place.

After laying there alone about 30 mins I suddenly felt strange. I didn't feel good.. I suddenly felt weak, nauseous and as if my skin were on fire from the inside out.. I rang the buzzer for the nurse and three of them came in.. They all assured me that I was getting nothing else in my IV except Saline at that point and they had no idea why I felt the way I did other than it being anxiety.. What could I say? This feeling passed in about five minutes.

Finally they wheeled me into the procedure room.. A few new nurses came in, introduced themselves and explained to me what would happen next.. After they left, I was laying there already feeling strung out from being so tired and once again, I started to feel like my skin was on fire from the inside out.. Once again I told one of the nurses and, once again she said it had to be anxiety..I guess it was..

Once everyone was assembled in the room, I can't lie.. I was a nervous wreck. They stuck this thing in my mouth and told me to hold it with my teeth and relax my tongue.. Yeah, this was NOT happening..Shockingly, the next thing I felt was air being blown down into my throat and it felt like it was choking me.. I couldn't swallow and I needed too.. I felt my heart start pounding so fast and hard because I was suddenly feeling very hot.. the last things I remember saying was, " O my gosh I feel so hot" to which the nurse said "it's OK, thats normal is the start of the Propafol" and the last thing I said was "my heart" and I heard both the doctor and the nurse reply" It's OK, you're doing fine".....and then..... NOTHING... I remember nothing.. Thats the part I hate, that terrifies me.. There's just nothing.

I don't know how long anything lasted because the next thing I knew someone was saying my name and I was telling them how grateful I was to the nurses for being so kind..I barely remember that.. I guess I finally really started coming too a few moments later, I saw Mr L sitting in a chair watching me and I was feeling super nauseous. When I told the nurses this they all kept insisting I had been given Zofran ( anti nausea drug) and, "Propafol' doesn't usually make people feel like that..So here's my question.. If Propafol as the nurses say, doesn't make people feel that way then, why the need for an anti nausea drug?...Yeah, I don't get it either.. but what medical professionals don't get, no matter how many times I explain it is, I've been sick for almost 20 years.. Sadly, a lot of things that aren't supposed to happen, a lot of times? Happen to me..

I guess the nausea passed in about 30 minutes and while my head was clearing up I was far from steady... The doctor came in about an hour later and I know he said some stuff but I don't remember it all.. I have to say, I'm really not liking this doctor.. When I originally saw him, he seemed a bit "rushed"...I attributed this to 'maybe he was just having a very busy day"... but today after my proceedure, once again, which I am still a bit angry about he was 'rushed'... He was walking out the door as I was getting  a question out and I didn't even get to ask him anything besides one question about the nausea.. No, I'm not happy about this..

Anyhow, what I remember him saying was, he didn't see anything horrible, a few small erosion's for what seemed to be from use of things like Tylenol etc... He also said he 'thinks' there may be some kind of artery? coming off my aortic arch which is pinching my esophagus thus causing all my issue's. I asked him do I need a cardiologist, he said he doesn't think so but he's not sure yet.. He said I may need a small surgery ( SMALL surgery!?!?!?) but he wants a barium swallow to follow this up to make sure that is the issue..

Honestly, none of this makes sense. When I had a scope done 7 years ago that doctor said I had massive inflammation along with a small sliding hiatle hernia.. This guy says nothing about these things? It doesn't make sense considering I am still in the same pain I was 7 years ago and my ability to not swallow most solid foods is still not there....His explanation makes no sense to me but I will ask my MD what he thinks..

Now for what I think.. I've been sick with Lyme Disease and two other tick infections I had the unfortunate luck to receive back in the early 1990's..I have never been able to be healthy since despite all kinds of treatment. I also have not had anything in the way of treatment since moving to the South 9 years ago.. Every doctor I see here, puts me through all kinds of torture tests only to tell me, "well, I'm really not sure whats happening".. I seriously need to move back North where the doctors are knowledgeable in long standing Lyme Disease and other tick born infections but financially, without some kind of miracle it's not going to happen...My present issue's are all stemming back to what they always do.. My underlying infections.

About 2 hours later all I wanted to do was go home.. I'd had enough..

So all this worry, all this, what I consider, medical torture to tell me "he's not sure"..

It's now after 4 pm, I have not been able to sleep and my throat feels like it's on fire and with each swallow it's as if I am swallowing nails that have been lit on fire.. I haven't had anything to eat since last night at about eleven-thirty PM and it's even hard to get water down..The fire is hot and dry like the Sahara.. My poor stomach  is swollen as if I was 8 months pregnant from the air being blow into it as well and with that comes a lot of pain...The end result, I still have no answers, I am having an even harder time swallowing now (didn't think it was possible) than before and I am in more pain than I was in before...Needless to say, I am not happy....

And, how was your day?


  1. Hang in there hon I know what your saying for sure. I have been getting burning pains in my chest for 4 years and have all kinds of test andf to this day still know nothing. Try to rest sweetie and relax if you can. I wish you well soon. xoxox John

  2. Laura West12/3/12 6:54 PM

    When I had mine done almost 4 years ago, they used Verced and I remember nothing from the moment it hit the IV until I was in my room. And they did both ends since I was over 50 and had never had either one done. I didn't have any bad feelings about it and would go again. I don't LIKE having tests, but I do still cry and I am much older than you. Don't ever put yourself down for that. Just cry and be calm at home tonight and not get frantic about how you felt. I have panic attacks where I can describe them almost like you did here.

    As for my day, I spent last evening in the ER in severe pain and came home with meds and no answers other than the hematoma filled back up after two days and the dr on Thursday will need to drain it. They did not want to. Fine, whatever. Beginning to think like Linnel that he does not like doctors or hospitals. I love my primary and don't ever get anxious about going there regardless of the reason.


  3. Hi Robyn! Thank you so much for visiting me today and yoru lovely comment! So sorry to read about your health issues...I will keep you in my prayers and send you loving thoughts for healing and wellness! Wishing you a lovely weekend with Mr. L and the furbabies! Angie xo

  4. Perhaps you should research this area and see if any docs have expertise in treating Lyme's .The 2 best Hospitals around here are Duke's in NC and UMC in Charleston. It sometimes takes a long time to come up with a right diagnosis. It does help to have a doctor that really listens. Perhaps with this new doctor you can find out what he thinks and then ask him some pointed questions about the Lyme's disease or maybe you could ask your MD to refer you to someone in this area with expertise on it. It is newer in this area than in the North but we do have it here. I grew up in the area that it is named after in CT. We spent weekends in Old Lyme CT which is near Lyme.

  5. Ps. Almost all the sites I go to for lyme's mention difficulty swollowing.

  6. Hi Robyn,
    Thanks for visiting. So sorry to hear about all of your health issues. I know how frustrating it is to have to deal with doctors and "procedures". I hope all goes well and you are able to get treatment and start feeling better. My prayers and thoughts will be with you.
    :) Keep the faith

  7. Hang in there and keep working hard to find the right diagnosis. I can understand how frustrated you must be but I think it is a great idea for you to talk about it on your blog. You never know who is reading and someone may be able to point you in the right direction. Try to have a good weekend. I hope you start to feel better soon!

  8. Hi Robyn, I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. I am so sorry to read of your health situation and the way you were treated while undergoing your tests. I read Nannykim's comments and agree that you should try to find a specialist in Lyme's disease. I would avoid having the same doctor treat you again if you didn't get any answerss.
    Hang in there.

  9. I'm so very sorry that you are going through this. I will keep you in my prayers. *Hugs*

  10. Hi Robyn,

    Thanks so much for visiting me and for your lovely comment. I'm sorry to read about all of these health problems, you poor thing. I can only imagine how frustrated you must be going through all this. I will keep you in my prayers, I hope you get the answers that you are looking for very soon. :)

  11. Hi Robyn-- thanks for coming and visiting my blog.

    I know how you feel having to go through a battery of test only to be told we're not sure what is going on with your health. Frustrating. I've been going through something similar for almost a year with my hubby.
    I'm glad you visited me. I'll return to visit you again... and in the mean time;

    may the grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. phil 4:23


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