March 29, 2012

Just Layin Around...

The temperature today is already well on it's way into the 80's, we've had wonderful 70 and 80 degree weather all week and I think my chickens are loving it too...because looky at what they gave us this morning!

Seventeen farm fresh eggs this morning and twenty four the other day. Way to go girls! When Mr. L. first bought the chickens I wasn't so crazy about them but in the two years we've had them I can not even count how much money we have saved in not having to buy eggs and they are fresh fresh fresh..

I took a store bought egg one day and cracked it in a bowl. Next I cracked one of my girls fresh eggs in a separate bowl next to it.. You wouldn't believe the difference if you've never seen it.. The store bought egg yolk was a bright faint yellow and it really looked sick..Like it has been irradiated a million times into a mutation .. The farm fresh egg? The yolk was a super super healthy orange color and the egg white had a very thick heavy consistency to it , whereas the store bought egg white was very thin.....So now, store bought eggs kind of gross me out and I really don't want to know what they do to these eggs before they hit the shelves. My advice? If you can have chickens, get some! You won't be sorry.


  1. You can crack the eggs and freeze them for future use. I would use up within a month or so, but hey, if it saves money, go for it. I would like to have a few, but its a no go with the guys. We plan too many things away from home and would have to have someone come take care of them. Cost to start up get paid back with eggs eventually, but they don't see that. I'm a farm girl so I know the difference, but they are happy to just buy eggs. I don't eat them, just bake with them. Good job girls!

  2. cool--they must be really good!

  3. Wow, that's really crazy. I love fresh eggs but have no room for chickens, plus an hoa that would probably poo on the idea. Can you send me some of yours? ;)


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