March 2, 2012

Not So French, French Manicure?

I took the plunge.. I've been seeing this kind of manicure all over the place and on some younger women and thought, eh, think I will try it..This is the color I used ..It may look a little blue but it's actually a deep purple.. It's from Sally Hansen's Nail Art Collection.
And this is the final result. I've been wearing it about a week now and I'm still not sure if I really like it or not..
Next I did the usual White... 

So what do you think? White or purple or another color? Leave a comment and let me know.. Negative comments are welcome as long as they are honest opinions and not snarky.. LOL..


  1. I'm a pedicure dude me self. Sorry Cyber-Daughter

  2. I kinda like the purple. I tend to stay away from the norm so it stands out! Shows you don't go with the flow!

  3. Think I prefer the white--guess I like the more natural look and yet having fun and color is important--so I say whatever!


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