March 20, 2012

Sometimes... Too Sweet

Hey everyone!
I am sorry I've been away from my blog for so long.. As most of you know if you read my last post, I had a medical test done last Monday and I didn't do so well with the sedation and it had me down for most of the week.. after that, life decided to get in the way.. Let me tell you a little bit of whats going on.. Mr L and I own 7 dogs.. Children were not an option for us, so our dogs are like our children...We have 4 Lhasa Apso's.. The mother is Lady...
Our Lady is almost 13 years old (next month, April).. She was diagnosed in 2009 with Diabetes.. As of now she is holding her own as best she can.. She is blind and quite deaf but other than that, she still enjoys her food, sunning outside on the deck, playing with toys and the other dogs when they let her.. Lady pretty much rules the roost around here.. Even the 90 pound Lab mixes are afraid of her wrath.. Lady had pups back in 2000.. We kept 3 of them. One of them is named Shadow..
Shadow will be 12 years old this coming November.. On Friday my dear Shadow who I ironically have always called "my sweet boy" was also diagnosed with diabetes..Our vet told us that it is hereditary in our case because of his mama Lady. Over the weekend Mr L. and I were kind of in shock that we now have two diabetics and saddened that one more of our four legged kids has to go through this..  On Monday morning, bright and early we had to have Shadow at the vets office for an all day stay where they would administer his first dose of insulin and then run blood sugar testing on him every two hours until 5 pm.

While Shadow was at the vet, another one of our four legged kids decided she wasn't feeling well and began crying. Her name is Lizzy
Lizzy is our 7 year old English Setter. Mr L. and I checked her out for anything visible and found she has a lump near her groin and her belly felt awfully swollen. Two things you don't want to feel.. So now not only were we concerned for how Shadow was doing, now we were worrying what would be found with Lizzy. At 5 Pm when we picked up Shadow we also took Lizzy in..After 20 mins, blood work, Stomach X rays and a $242.00 bill for Lizzy alone the only thing wrong with her is a begnin nodule and she's constipated!!..If I didn't laugh at the insanity that is my life I may end up in a rubber room..

Since Shadows diabetes diagnosis on Friday, over the weekend I knew it was time that everyone's eating habits must change. My dogs have always been free feeders but I can't have this anymore. So the last four days have been filled with feeding dogs, by the way they all need special foods except for the 3 big ones, insulin shots, and checking urine for sugar levels.. Even at 1 am in the morning as well as running back and forth to the vets office.. I had hoped today that I would finally be able to stay home but, no.. Once again I had to trek back to the vets office because I was using the wrong urine strips on Shadow.

Now you know where I have been since last week.. Make sure to check back tomorrow if you love to scrapbook.. I have a HUGE announcement to make and it's all for my readers only!...

I hope everyone has been well.. What's been going on in your lives since my last post?

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