March 21, 2012

Summer Has Sprung?

I really wish I could say "Spring Has Sprung" but in my neck of the woods, "Summer Has Sprung"... I live on the coast of South Carolina and we had a very mild winter this year. So much so that, we went from Winter straight into Summer..
The temperatures here for the last week or so have been in the 80's with some humidity just like they usually are in summer here but, the weather isn't supposed to be like this until about May.. We are a few months early.. All the trees have been blooming for the last two weeks, my car and everyone else's has that yellow green covering of pollen all over them and the allergies have been in full swing for weeks as well..
Even my small amount of Daffodil's bloomed last week.. I just had to take one into the house.. I love these pretty little yellow flowers.. They make me smile.. Speaking of flowers, I think this weekend I will go and get some new potting soil, some Sun flower seeds and do my two planter boxes on my front porch... The weather isn't supposed to get any cooler than 50s at night so although early, it's time to plant some pretty flowers..

How about where you live? Has Summer Sprung by you?


  1. I love daffodils too! They are a flower that makes one smile--just love them! You asked about Charleston--There are often musical things going on there, there is also a little theater with live performances, there are tours which are very interesting--you can take bus or horse drawn carriage tours. There is a tea plantation you can visit and a rice plantation. There are old plantations you can tour. There are boat tours and there is a boat tour out to Fort Sumter. There is a ship type museum with an air craft carrier and sub and something else. There is also the old huntly Sub that you can now see at another place. There is an art museum and an aquarium. There are individual house tours also. There are lots of different restaurants--so there is always something to do. We sometimes just like walking around (which you guys couldn't do! There is also Fort Fisher--a historical site, and there are beaches within ten minutes. These are just some of the things.

  2. Hello!

    We have such similar weather it seems here in So. California. Not much of a winter and LOTS of summer like days recently. Though today it is overcast. I guess a storm is coming, but it still is not very cool as it is close to 70. I love daffodils...soo pretty, but they don't seem to bloom very long. I read back a few of your posts. Sorry to hear about all of your health issues. Medical things are soo frustrating. They seem like they just want to give you a drug, any drug, so long as it keeps you quiet. An exaggeration of course, but I have found they frequently don't seem to know what's wrong. My test went just fine yesterday so now I wait for results....Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a good week-end! Blessings, Debbie

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog Robyn! We were having spring like weather, then we got slammed with snow on Thursday! So not fun! But my daughter did go skiing last night, so at least one person is enjoying it! Angie xo


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