March 1, 2012

What I've Learned About FaceBook

since being off it for Lent...There are times when my post will seem like rants even though I don't mean them that way, I know they may come across that way.. I've been off FaceBook now for a bit since Lent began.. I did slip up a few times and go on and read status updates (hey, I'm human) but didn't post even though  I wanted too..

What I noticed is, some people? When you're trying to accomplish something, will post snarky comments about what you're trying to achieve such as what I am doing.. Can't tell you how many people said on my page "Hey, I thought you were off FaceBook for Lent?" because they saw my link to my blog posted there.. I guess they don't realize you can post links to FaceBook without actually having to be on FaceBook.. I guess they also don't realize you can respond to comments made on your page through email without having to be on FaceBook either.

Secondly I notice, if it's bad news? People can't wait to be the first one to post about and if a celebrity dies? Hold onto your newsfeed Batman because everyone comes crawling out to be the first to post about it even though they haven't posted anything of substance in months.

Lastly, If you post something negative, you will get tons and tons of comments, but if you post something positive you get about two comments maybe three..

My Conclusion: Most people love gossip, bad news and negativity even though they will fight to first blood denying they do... And maybe it's time I got some new FaceBook friends?...

For those who have FaceBook, what do you think? Have you seen these things too? Leave a comment would love to see your thoughts :)


  1. Sadly i think some do revel in failure. My theory is that by someone else's failure they feel justified in not being "successful" themselves, however that might be defined. Or they may be so narcissistic that others' success makes them think the spotlight is not on them. While sometimes I like to argue for the sake of arguing and having a debate, I don't understand the attitude of the negativity you mention; it doesn't make MY life better to have someone else fail (unless of course, they are attempting to harm me or my family), so why would I not want others to succeed?

    I think, though, I have seen this in real life more than on Facebook. It happens a lot with my clients. It is worse when it is "real."

  2. Hi there, FB...what a deep subject! LOL I do enjoy it though, I just except people as the are, some post every little ache or pain, some can be snarky for sure, but for the most part, I have connected with lots of love there. It's like the small little town I live in, everyone know your business, but when you need help, everyone is there! ;)

  3. Robyn I know we started as game friends, but I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts & blog. I agree with this blog & don't get on facebook much anymore because of it.

  4. I totally agree, Robyn. Facebook is a great place to meet new people. However, my personal Facebook page, which is (of course), full of school folks is a horribly negative place to be. I've deleted my account at least 3 different times, but go back to it as a way to keep in contact with family.

    I have definitely seen the things you've mentioned.

    Yes, the doctors have said my husband needs back surgery, but Worker's Comp. is giving us a few problems. He's been waiting for almost two years now to be "fixed". Thank you so much for offer! I truly appreciate it and may just take you up on that! :)

    Sorry to reply here, but couldn't reply back via email. :)

  5. Angela,
    I'm sorry, I didn't realize I didn't have an E-mail linked to my page.. I'm glad you came by though and anything I can help with please just ask.. I put a link to my Email on my blog now.. LOL so email anytime :)


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