April 5, 2012

Blog Brain...

For those who have blogs I am sure you are familiar with Blog Brain...atleast thats what I call it.. The time where for the life of you, you just simply have either no desire to write or you can't think of anything to write about.. Well, thats where I've been since my last post..
But today, my blog brain is finally broken..

In my last post I think I told you about shopping at Bi-Lo and how I don't usually shop there because normally they are expensive. Well, this week, they had another huge sale and while I mostly prefer Food Lion, the prices at Bi-Lo were better and they were offering more sales on more products so thats a "no brainer".. bad pun

I had an appointment this morning and afterwards I stopped at Bi-Lo to stock up..and here is my haul..

I bought :
10 boxes of Betty Crocker Scalloped Potatoes in assorted flavors.

10  Boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (Mr L.'s favorite)

4   Boxes of Little Debby Swiss Rolls (Yep, Mr L., the man loves his baked goods)

4   Boxes of Duncan Heinze  Cake Mixes in assorted varieties

2   Containers of Duncan Heinze Frosting (Vanilla and Chocolate)

3   Cans Pam Cooking Spray ( Butter flavored)

3  Jars, Ragu Pasta Sauce

20  Cans Alpo Homestyle Goodness Dog Food

2  Rolls Pillsburry Cinnabons with new Chocolate Icing

3 Rolls, Pillsburry Grands Rolls

1 Pkg Fresh Mushrooms,

1 Bunch Fresh Parsley

1 Container Corn Starch

2 Packages Sun Dried Tomatoes

1 Package Shredded Cheddar Cheese

1 -3o oz Ore Ida Hash Browns

1 Container Swanson 100% Natural Chicken Broth

1- 3 Pack of Paper towels

1 Package of Mild Ground Italian Sausage

Grand total before Sales and Coupons $122.00

Savings of Sales and Coupons $30 dollars and change

Final total before taxes : $92.00

Not a bad haul for everything I got..

I also finally, finished the blanket I have been working on for about 2 months..I am a Crochet person but I am now learning Continental Knitting this week. Anyhow, I made a super soft blanket for myself in colors I love.. Grey and Pink.. It's just a "me" blanket to use when I want to cuddle up and watch TV or read.. You know how that is.. Here is the finished product..

 The main color is this gorgeous grey and the border is like a baby pink. 

Here is another shot of the border

It came out so super soft but now the only problem I have is fighting this one to see who gets to sleep with it!!


  1. What is continental knitting? Never heard of it and that blanket is gorgeous. Can I have it? :)

    And please don't keep going to Bi-Lo and me see you on Hoarders!!! If you use all those items, its great to stock up if you can afford it. I don't have a place to store very many extras, but I try to get more than just what I need at the time if the sale price is good enough. The store I shop won't redeem computer printed coupons, so I rarely have any to use. And now that supermarkets are stopping the double redemption fee because of these dang extreme couponers, its hard to even bother with it.

    Glad you are back at your thought train. Enjoy reading about it.

  2. Hi Laura,
    If you look on YouTube there's lots of videos on Continental Knitting.. it's so much easier than traditional knitting.. LOL No I won't be on hoarders.. We use everything I bought.. When the deals are good thats the time to stock up.. I don't have a lot of room for stock up either but the deals were too good to pass up and as I said it's stuff that Lou eats.. Bi-Lo is still the only store around here that does double coupons everyday but I think it's only up to like 55 cents..and you're right, because of all those "Extreme" (wacky) couponers the coupons really stink now.. Gone are the days of getting 45 cents off ONE item.. Now the coupons are for 2 and 3 of the same item.. Sometimes it's not even worth clipping them anymore..


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