May 21, 2012

Cooking Day

Its a Monday morning here in South Carolina and it started out sunny but it has since become overcast but, thats alright, the Lord has given us another day be thankful and the birds are still singing despite there being no sun.. 

Today, for me, is cooking day.. I don't cook meals for the week and freeze although I probably should look into that as it would most likely make my life a bit easier but no, today  I have to cook for myself and my two diabetic dogs..

For me, I am making Split Pea and Ham soup.. I know, I can hear it already, Pea Soup? Yuck.. I know a lot of people don't like it but, when you can't swallow 99% of solid food and pea soup you can get down, well then... you eat pea soup and like it.. 

Waiting for the peas to cook down..
Next, prepping the carrots and onions..

And lastly, cooking the chicken breast that I will mince up later for Shadow and Lady.
Mr L. is vacuuming an washing the floors today albeit in his condition not easily but since we are not rich and can not afford to have someone come and clean our home everyday and I can't physically do heavy cleaning like that well, it's up to him.
I know Mr L doesn't look very happy here but he's doing OK.. Does the best he can an helps out when he can...

Thats pretty much it for my Monday other than the rest of the usual routine of cleaning etc.. How about you? What are you doing on this glorious Monday?

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  1. I love split pea soup. Two of my kids love it two won't touch it. My husband isn't too keen either. Now you have me in the mood for making a pot full :)

    I have enjoyed reading many of your posts and agree that you should write whatever your heart desires and not for other people.


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