May 30, 2012

Medical Updates and More!

Its been a bit since my last post but then again, alot has been happening here at Casa Loco.

As most of you know my husband Lou, needs to have a 7th back surgery and, that he's been in horrendous pain for months upon months despite the massive amounts of pain medication hes on.....And as most of you know I have severe digestive issue's that have prevented me from swallowing most solid foods in 10 years with not alot of answers. . The surgeon for Lou that we had been seeing pretty much yanked him around for a few months giving us all kinds of excuses how he was looking into what needed to be done, he was going to a conference in NY and taking Lou's file to get more opinions etc.. We finally saw him a few weeks ago.. After a 45 minute drive each way and over an hour waiting time, this surgeon comes out an tells us within 5 minutes, he can't do Lou's surgery. The surgery he needs requires a university setting with better medical support and then... he sends us down to Charleston the University Hospital to see their surgeons..

Lou went to go see them last Wednesday..another four and a half hours in the car, two hour ride each way, exposure to yet another set of Xrays and he is told. He needs complete and total spinal reconstruction. The surgery he needs is complicated and serious.. an then he says.. wait for it.. wait for it.......

there isn't a surgeon here in South Carolina nor facility that can handle this type of surgery, I suggest you move north, preferably to the New York City area...

Course when Lou tells me this, I panic and get scared.. Thinking about this horrific surgery he needs, recovery time, my own health needs, where are we going to live, what will we be able to afford, what will happen to the dogs, how are we going to pack an entire house in our conditions alone, I will have to have many house sales before we move and sell almost everything we own because we will need the money to get back north. The questions, uncertainty and fear was palpable and endless.

Well, as most of you also know, if you're on Facebook, it turned out we were going to move my brothers house. He has a 2 family home, its only about 30 minutes from New York City, I would only have to rehome 3 of my dogs an could bring my 4 little ones who are old and sickly.. I was feeling super! about all this.. Ive been wanting to move home for years.. I've missed my family and my old neighborhoods so much I can't even explain it.. Well.... NONE of that is happening now.. It's all OFF and that is ALL  I will say about that except that it is NOT by my choice.. My dreams of moving home are now dashed AGAIN...

Over the last few days, I have friends who I only know from a Yahoo list I belong too about dogs with diabetes as I have 2 who are diabetic.. These people who I have never met in person rallied around me like I have never seen happen before.. Atleast not for me.. They ALL pitched in and started trying to help me find homes for my three large dogs which was proving almost impossible and VERY stressful..

By last night I was to say the least, stressed beyond anything I can handle, emotionally depleted,  physically my body, mostly my stomach was an absolute nightmare and couldn't handle water for the most part without pain etc.. I landed in the local emergency room with chest pain I have never had before.. I went because I didn't know if I was having a heart attack or it was because of my digestive issue's.. Thankfully, due to the love an mercy of God , after an EKG and an hour hooked up to monitors, the pain was and is due to my digestive issues.. When I got home last night I decided it was time to just stop.. Stop worrying, stop not being able to sleep, stop not eating because I"m in pain, just .. STOP... I needed to get my head together..

This morning I went onto the website for Duke University Hospital in North Carolina and it turns out that THEY have surgeons there that DO perform Complex Spinal Reconstruction and so I made the call. Now we are just waiting for the surgeon here to fax Lou's records there and then wait for an appointment.. It's a four hour ride one way, Lou will have to be in the hospital from 4 to 6 days which will include time in ICU.. Recovery will be almost a year, we will be alone with no help but we will have to deal with it and do what we always do, rely on God to provide and I know He will..

As for certain people who shall be left nameless that will be very pissed off about me not going to NJ, they only have themselves to blame. They've had the opportunity to help for years and have twice backed out and chosen not too.. I fully realize now that Lou and I are alone, we have no one to depend on but ourselves and thats just how it is.,, As for my own health, I will just have to deal with what I have and see how far I can get... So, as much as I miss NJ, I miss my old neighborhoods, friends etc.. we are staying here because we have NO other choice at the moment.. I am sorry for those who got excited about me coming home but please know it's not my fault that I am just as sad if not moreso that this is happening but,if you ever come to Myrtle Beach for vacation please come see me..

So thats it for this update.. When I know more I will post about...


  1. I sure with I lived closer!!! I would stand by your side and help in any way that I could!

  2. Oh I know you would Anne.. Love you xoxo


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