May 20, 2012

Who? Me? Part Two

It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in South Carolina as you can see.
Yes, I actually planted these flowers. One box on either side of my front porch. My mom would be so proud because up until a few years ago I should have been tried for crimes against plant kind but, I digress.. 

I thought I would share the rest of what I want to tell you about myself and my life.. So on we go to part two.. that is, if you have already read part one.. 

This is my little blogging, reading area in my living room.
 I made this little space just for myself and I love spending time here. My chaise lounge is comfortable, I have lots of sunlight from the windows and on a nice day like today, a cool breeze coming in. No TV or radio on just peace and quiet...

Yesterday I left off with my faith beliefs.
.As for my political beliefs, I can't say I belong to one party or another but I can say, that I am a conservative. I believe in small government and the right to bear arms. I also believe that government works for the people and when the people become to dependent on or are afraid of the government then, we no longer live in a democracy, and it is up to the people to take back their own government but by peaceful means. I'll stop there and if you have any questions or comments about my political beliefs,  post away in the comments and I will answer best I can.. 
I have been chronically ill since 1994 with what started out as Lyme Disease and actually still is Lyme Disease but it has become Chronic or Long Standing, whichever you prefer to call it..
 If you go to Google and search for Chronic Lyme Disease you will find a wealth of information..
My husband, Mr L. is also disabled with a severe back injury and we are awaiting his 7th back surgery and the most serious one yet...We will know more about this next week as we travel to the university hospital in Charleston South Carolina and I will post about whats going on with that when we know.. 

Yes, our life together is not conventional due to our health issue's but it's worked for 14 years so we must be doing something right!  It's not always roses and rainbows and we have our good days and bad days but when you're committed to your marriage you can get through anything.. 
Our days are very busy trying to keep up with seven dogs Two who are diabetics, three who have colitis issue's which means, everyone has to be on different diets and everyone gets fed at different times of the day and then there are the insulin shots twice a day. Then of course you have to fit in time for doctor appointments for me and Mr L. so at times, for two people who are disabled our lives can get as busy as those who have a few children and work full time.. One day, maybe soon, I will post about what a day in our life is like..

As for how I post, well, honestly sometimes I can be a bit crass even though I don't meant to be and thats something I am working on.. I will always post truth on my blog though and there are times when the truth is hard to handle for people even myself so if there is something that I post that offends you or you don't agree please feel free to speak up in the comments box.. All respectful opinions are welcome..

I guess thats about it for these postings.. As I stated, it is a simply gorgeous day here in South Carolina and while I don't know if I"ll be able to go out anywhere today as it's not one of my better physical days I may just take a book and go sit out on the back deck and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful breeze that God has provided for us today.. What will you do this Sunday?

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