July 5, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

And thats exactly what my life has felt like the two weeks or so...."Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore" except in my case it's, "Bailey, I don't think we're on planet Earth anymore"... What a whirlwind of just stuff happening and my blog got lost in all of it..

Residency:  As most of you know back in the beginning of June the doctors told my husband he needed his entire spine reconstructed and they couldn't do it here. They strongly advised us to move north to the New York City area which is where we are originally from..Panic mode set in.. Where were we going to go? How could we afford it? What happens to our seven dogs? Who will rent to us with seven dogs? Can't afford to buy a house up there thats why we are in the South.. How is all this going to happen? As you can imagine things got very crazy, very quickly. The stress got so high that I landed myself in the ER on a Tuesday night with chest pain which thanks to God, turned out to be coming from my severe digestive issue's. The stress just put them in overdrive. That was when I decided enough was enough.. I began looking on the internet and low and behold I came across Duke University Hospital in NC, They do the surgery my husband needs and he has his initial appointment set for August 1st..So as for where we are going to live? We are staying right here in South Carolina..There is a lot more to this story but you would be sitting here reading for a month..

Weather:   It has been horrifically hot here in South Carolina since last Friday.. Saturday was the hottest day with a temperature of 107 on the thermometer and with the humidity mixed it felt like 130 on the skin..Needless to say I spent the entire weekend indoors which was a lot cooler than outside but still a bit warm as our central AC unit is old and too small for the square footage of our home so, the inside of the house was 81 degrees everyday for 4 days until night time approx. 1 am when it would finally drop to about 76 inside. Although it was uncomfortable I didn't complain. Instead I thanked God for blessings us with air conditioning when there are so many people who do not have any...

Dogs: All seem to be alright.. Well they were anyway... Lady and Shadow my two diabetics seem to be holding their own pretty well.. And then there is our English Setter Lizzy who, in the last few days began to cough. Hubby and I thought maybe she has something in her through like grass or a hairball.... As Murphy's Law would have it, on Fourth of July, Lizzy began to hack, deeply.. So much so she would gag.. by last night she was coughing so deeply it was almost as if she couldn't stop. Right away I got paranoid thinking she has Heart Worm as that is a major symptom and none of my dogs are on preventative because it's so expensive. I know I know, I don't need to hear it from all the dog advocates..Walk a mile in my shoes then judge me.. Anyhow, first thing this morning we had Lizzy at the vet and I do mean first thing, 8 am...I did a lot of talking to God last night asking him to please take care of Lizzy because she's such a good girl..Our prayers were answered..Lizzy does not have Heartworm, she has bronchitis..We really thought we were going to lose her this morning but I am relived and grateful that I can say Lizzy is back home with us, on all kinds of antibiotics, steroids and cough medicines. She is resting comfortably and just as happy to be home as we are to have her home.. She only added about another 50 gray hairs to my head because of worry.Oh and by the way dog lovers? We talked to my vet this morning and he mixed up for us his own heartworm preventative which is MUCH MUCH cheaper than the commercial stuff and gave me a big bottle so as of this morning everyone is on heartworm preventative.. See, I really am a good furry kid mom..

Health: Hubby is the same.. In a ton of pain, then again who wouldn't be if you had metal sticking out of your spine all over the place that causes lumps on  your back that look like boulders under the skin.. Praying that is addressed soon... As for myself, one word.. Tired.. Can't really say much more than that, other than pain.. OK, so two words.. Tired and in pain but, it is what it is.. I will keep trusting in the Lord and keep pushing forward..

Eggs:  Huh? Yeah I know.. But there is a point to this..Our chickens had stopped laying eggs for a while.. Still not sure why but they did so, I had to buy store bought eggs for a bit and I was not happy about it.. If you have never seen a fresh egg up against a store bought egg but if you have then you would understand.. A store bought egg against a fresh egg looks sick.. You would almost be afraid to eat it.. You wonder, how do the eggs from the store get that color? Why is the egg white so thin? Why does the color look sickly against a fresh egg whose color is a rich deep orange yolk with a thick clear egg white. Suddenly you begin to think of all the things they must put those store bought eggs through and you start to have visions of something out of "Forbidden Planet" and swear you'll never eat another store bought egg again unless threatened with death and even then it would be questionable.

Well folks, its going to be near 100 degrees here all week until maybe next Monday. Yesterday, yes July 4th, I went food shopping at 2 pm.. Hugh mistake. It wasn't too bad inside Walmart because it's always like a meat locker in there anyway. People look at me like Im crazy, and I just might be because I go in with shorts and a spaghetti strap top on and then, I put on a heavy sweatshirt because I freeze in there. When I got to my car and began loading, I looked at my temp gauge, it was 102!! No wonder I felt like I was going to burst into flames..

So there you have it.. An update FINALLY.. I will try not to be so neglective of my blog.. I hope everyone is keeping cool as I know it's been hot all over.. Until next time!  God Love you!


  1. I enjoyed reading that Robyn. I think you've talked me out of buying store bought eggs!...Val

  2. LOL Val, Im telling ya, they look sickly next to a fresh egg.. Actually I have some store bought eggs left and fresh ones.. I think I'll take a photo and post it up here on my blog to show the difference..

  3. Hi Robyn, Wow girl what a week or two or three or ? you've had. So sorry about your hubby's back; praying it will be fixed for good in August. I'm also glad that your dog just had bronchitis-my first thought was congestive heart failure(because our dog that passed in March had it and it is a weird croup-like cough), I understand about the medical costs of dogs but unfortunately most vets don't. Glad you've got a good one. I can't imagine seven dogs-wow you are such a good momma.
    Have a peaceful weekend friend.

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by Noreen.. I too was afraid it was heart related myself.. We were pretty much beside ourselves.. Im just so thankful it wasn't..Have a wonderful weekend! :)


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