July 13, 2012

Morning Mayhem!!

In the old days, psychiatric hospitals were called 'nut houses'..Thankfully we have come very far from those days that is, .....unless you live in my house!! which I lovingly refer to as a 'nut house' in the morning.. A lot of people I know also know that I have seven dogs..Four Lhasa Apso's, two Lab Mixes and one English Setter..They also know I have my own serious health issue's for the last 20 years and that Mr L has been through 6 back surgeries and is having his 7th and most serious one sometime this year in which he has to go to Duke University in North Carolina where they will attempt to reconstruct his spine in hopes that this will fix all the issue's..

Back to the dogs.. We have 4 Lhasa Apso's who are old and have health issue's.. Lady and Shadow are diabetics. Lady is also blind and somewhat deaf but despite her issue's she does well.. Bailey and Onyx have stomach issues as does Shadow ontop of his diabetes. They have Colitis. Because of all these health issue's with the furry kids, breakfast and dinner time around here is a major process and I thought I would share a little of my daily morning mayhem with you.. Just as a side note, this was a SLOW day...And... here we go!.

8:00 am--Cook scrambled eggs to mix in with Shadow and Lady's breakfast food. Feed Lady and Shadow.. 95% of the time Shadow decides he will refuse to eat until I pull my tired self out of bed, get on the floor and spoon feed him.

8:45 am or there abouts.. Time to dole out special food for Onyx and Bailey.. Mush that all up and sit on the floor and spoon feed both of them who outright refuse to eat any other way and will not let Mr. L. feed them either. Yes thats a potato masher in that bowl. It makes it so much easier to mash the food together and saves my hands and arms from getting tired or hurting.

9:00 am or there abouts its time to dole out and mix up breakfast for Matty Jake and Lizzy. Thank goodness they will eat on their own

After all the feedings are done this is what my kitchen and dining room look like on a daily basis.
 And we can't forget Mr L in here.. Most days he is able to get his own breakfast but because of his terrible back pain, on this morning he can't so I also have to make sure he eats as well.. Cereal is easy peasy stuff!

930 am: Time to dole out medications.. Every morning it's two insulin shots. One for Lady and one for Shadow
This week Lizzy also gets medication as she has had bronchitis but is all better. She just has to finish her antibiotic until it's all gone. An at this time I will also give Shadow and Onyx a pill to keep their colitis under control but forgot to take a photo of that.
On this particular day I have to cook a huge pot of string beans which is part of Lady and Shadows diet.. Other days I have to cook large pots of chicken breast for them too but today, it's string beans. So in the pot and on the stove they go!
After the string beans are on, I have to refill the bowl for the Four Lhasa Apso's with Hills Science Diet WD and let that soak in a bowl all morning so it becomes mushy or else they won't eat it..
Next, it's time to begin fixing lunch bowls for Shadow and Lady as because of the diabetes they have to eat three times a day and after that I put together dinner for all four of the Lhasa's and put it all in the refrigerator. It takes up more of my time in the morning but atleast come dinner time it's all together and I don't have start all over at night.
Once all the meals for the rest of the day are fixed and put away it's time to mash up the stringbeans.
We are now about 11-11:30 AM an it's time to wash all the bowls, pots and pans. Clean up all the mess and put away the clutter and Wah Lah! Everything is clean again until tomorrow when we start all over!
So how about you? Do you have morning mayhem at your house?? Any time saving tips you can offer?


  1. Oh my goodness! You do have a busy morning! Hope you are feeling well. Your home is beautiful!



  2. Some days are absolute mayhem around here.. LOL but, it keeps me going.. Thank you for stopping by Angela :)

  3. Oh my Robyn, what perseverance you have! I can't even imagine all that cooking for the dogs. Our last dog, Reggie, I often would cook brown rice and also brown or boil up so ground chicken for him. I would give him a raw egg over his food at time. What an incredible mom you are. Your kitchen is delightful and I have similar place mats to yours; plus I love your chicken/chicks center piece. Wish I could come lend a hand. My morning are nothing like yours, except trying to get the harness on Hunter so we can go for a walk. Blessings on your weekend.

  4. Not being a smart ass, but having only 2 cats with no health problems makes our mornings just fine. We all get up at different times and have different schedules. I love it!

  5. OMG Robyn! You are a great person! Thank God your dogs have owners like you and Lou!


  6. Wow, you are such a great mom to your pets.


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