September 10, 2012

Fall Teaser

What an absolutely beautiful morning here in South Carolina on this Monday..After a very long and extremely hot summer with triple digit temperatures almost the entire month of July and humidity levels so high you could barely breath, I woke this morning to a temp of 61 degrees, a slight breeze and almost no humidity!...

The first thing I did was fling open almost all the windows in the house. After being closed up since almost the end of May I had this incredible need to let the fresh air in and the cool soft breeze coming through the house reminds me of new life..

And while I realize this is just a Fall Teaser for us here in the south because inevitably it will get hot and sticky again , this week is supposed to be beautiful and I"ll take it!.. How is the weather by you nowadays?


  1. It has been hot,! I just heard on the news this morning that we are expecting rain, Yes!!!! I am sooo happy. Hugs

  2. We had heavy rain move in on Sunday night.. Once again this morning its near 60 an no humidity.. Time to open the windows again.. yay!.. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. It's even cooled off a little here in Florida! The air just feels different, doesn't it? Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs!


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