September 3, 2012

How Much We Are Like Peter.

As I was laying in bed tonight reading the Gospels, I am reading the Holy Gospel of Matthew I came upon the scripture reading of Matthew 14: 28-31 and it struck me just how much we all are, well most of us , are like Peter...This scripture reading is of Jesus walking on the sea.. Try if you can to put yourself in Peters position here in the scripture..

The disciples are all in the boat. They are way off from the shore and they see the Lord , or what they first think is a ghost walking on water..They get frightened and the Lord says to them " Take heart, it is I; have no fear".. to which Peter replies, "Lord if it is you bid me come unto you" So the Lord says to Peter , "Come"

Peter's fear leaves him as in his heart his faith at this moment is incredibly strong. He knows in his heart it is the Lord... then, the wind blows and Peter once again gets frightened and with that he begins to sink in the sea yelling, "save me Lord"..

Jesus reaches down and pulls Peter to safety saying " Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt?"...

Isn't that just how we are? I love this scripture for many reasons but mostly because it shows just how human St. Peter was..A lot of times when we think of the Saints we wonder if human beings could ever have really been 'that good"? A lot of times the Saints are portrayed by writers as almost perfect persons. They never did anything wrong, they didn't sin, they never questioned, their faith never faltered when in reality the Saints were just human beings like you and I, albeit they were also very blessed by God and had very deep faith but St. Peter shows us that even he had all the same faults humans have.. And isn't what Peter did the same thing that you and I do at times when something doesn't go right in our lives, or something bad happens?

I see people posting on Facebook about their deep faith and I think thats a wonderful thing but I also know that like Peter, most of us will doubt in times of trials and tribulations. But like Peter, Jesus will always extend His hand to us. Jesus asks us to trust in Him... The Lord knows this is hard for us humans to do because we think we have all the answers to everything and we think we can control every situation...Trusting completely in the Lord, being completely dependent on Him is a very tough thing to accomplish for us humans as most of us are control freaks but keep praying and asking for help to trust in Him more and more everyday and you will notice little by little yourself becoming more and more dependent on and trusting in Jesus.. The Lord knows us and He knows that we at times are the same as Peter "Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt?"

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