September 17, 2012

Thick-It, Retail Therapy, Updates...

Hi everyone,

Thought it was time for a personal update for those who are following along..On Friday of last week, Mr L and I went to see our MD. For those who may remember, the back surgeon at Duke University wants Mr L to come off his Oxycontin pain medication before surgery.. About 2 months before which would be... now...With the amount of pain Mr L is in, this is not going to happen and, our MD confirmed this last Friday.. He said and I quote " with the amount of pain you are in and as your physician I can not see any good reason to , nor can I as your physician in good conscience take you off your major pain medication knowing the hell you will be thrust into".. with that he said he was going to contact the surgeon at Duke as see how this can be handled differently. I hope they get along and put their heads together and work for making Mr L better because of today he has now fallen a total of three times in the last month and a half with the most recent being in our kitchen tonight because his leg just completely gave way on him.. 

As for me well, this photo should say it all ...One word.....Exhausted.

For some slightly positive news. As most of you know and for those who do not, I have not been able to swallow solid foods for over 10 years. All the testings do not reveal much. It is damaged being caused by my illness of which I have three tick born illnesses. Yaknow, those ticks you get on you and brush off as if they're nothing?  Yeah, don't do that. Take it from someone who has been sick and disabled from them since 1994.. Anyway, I discovered this website created by a doctor a few weeks ago for people who have trouble swallowing from any number of reasons . He created a product called 'Thick-It'.. 
It's a line of pureed foods as well as thickeners to help people get more nutrition. Expensive? Of course. Anything that has to do with a medical problem or healthy eating is. But for me, worth it.
    I bought myself a can of this chicken you see here which I have not tried yet. A can of spinach and a can of corn. The first one I tried was the spinach. For me? It was a huge, huge mistake. It had so much garlic in it that my mouth, throat and stomach were on fire and I could not eat it.. It also let me know I had eaten some of it for many hours afterwards so, that one was a wash.. However, yesterday and today, along with my pea soup I tried the corn.. and its great!!.. Imagine if you can not being able to taste or eat anything other than soups for 10 years. None of your favorite foods and always the same thing.  Being able to taste this corn yesterday and today was for me like someone hitting the lottery...I still have trouble swallowing it but I managed to get it down and it was wonderful! I actually felt for the first time in a long long time that I ate something.. Having both soup and some corn for me is like you being able to sit down at a meal. I was full and satisfied when finished. Of course this does not come without stomach pain for many hours after it but I don't care. I had some corn today!

This morning I had many errands to run and I decided to run one for myself.. Shame on me since we have only about 50 dollars until the end of this month, yes I did it..
 I pulled out my GOODY'S charge card and bought myself some things.

I needed to get a couple tops that actually have sleeves, I wear alot of sleeveless because its so hot in the South and I needed a good pair of ballerina flat shoes. The ones at Payless never fit right, hurt my feet and never last. So, I gave myself a little retail therapy for which I will probably feel guilty about for oh, the next three months until  I pay it off but my feet and back will be happy..

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