December 3, 2012

Been better, Been Worse

I had a very busy day yesterday at home. I had a lot of cooking to do for my diabetic dogs to get them set for the week and it takes a few hours..Then there was taking care of Mr L and ontop of it all I"m not sleeping very well. A few months ago I slipped a disc in my back and well, now its giving me more and more pain especially when I am trying to get comfy to get to sleep and then if I move in my sleep it wakes me up. Also, Mr L has been having some, umm, shall we say plumbing issue's for a few days and the prunes he was eating were not doing it so I was a but stressed about that.. Finally today after tons of Miralax he finally uh, was able to unclog the backlog if you get what I mean. Yeah I know, TMI but hey, we're all friends right? Whats a little TMI between friends :)

As for myself, the day started out OK albeit I was tired but I was moving along but it was just kind of one of those days where you are doing things but you feel like you aren't accomplishing anything.. Ever had a day or days like that? Then I had insomnia so I couldn't nap and wasnt able to get anything down to eat so that doesn't help me feel any better.. but yaknow, I have had better days, I have had worse days and most of all I know God has a plan and so we will just follow where He leads..

I know a lot of people out there in blog land have already begun to decorate for Christmas. This year we are skipping it. All our decorations and tree are in our shed, too heavy for me to lift and Mr L certainly can't do it but Im good with that. I asked the Lord for my Christmas present and He already gave it to me. My husband home safe and sound after surgery. There is nothing else I want. Here is a photo I took of my husband last week.. I wish I had taken a before shot so you could see the different. Put it this way.. He was hunched way over, he was always looking down at the ground because he couldn't straighten up.. If his face was any lower he could have touched his knees with it. So he went from that to...
And even though I am feeling poorly physically today I watched this video and I can't tell you how much love I feel in my heart when I do.. You will too!.. 


  1. Robyn, this was beautiful!!!! Love all your faith. Not in the mood for Xmas this year either, too much misery in peoples lives around here. Your husband looks great!!!!!!! Stay strong, xxxooo ARLENE

  2. The year we moved from our house to our condo we did not decorate either. The only thing I did was take out a baby fake tree that is about 16 inches and I set it on the shelf that divides our dining room from our living room.

    Since becoming Catholic I have found that the Christmas Eve Mass has been the best way to celebrate Christmas. We went to the Cathedral last year and hope to do it again this year--such a glorious way to celebrate his birth.

    Hope you are able to get some sleep!

  3. Greetings to you Robyn, I'm sorry your back has been giving you fits(I can relate, I had several discs that were bad for years and got sciatica twice severally. As for sleeping, if you don't, try and sleep on your side, fetal position, with a small pillow between your knees. Icing also helps or if you can find a menthol rub that should help as well. Glad you hubby is doing better. Lifting you both up before our Lord right now.

  4. Lou looks great! It's good to see the smile on his face. Prayers for continued healing. Fr. Bob


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