December 5, 2012

Not so much..

Do you coupon? 

I have to say that over the last 6 months I've have been getting my Sunday paper regularly, I pay for a monthly subscription which costs me $11.25 every month and I've been trying to use coupons for all kinds of things but what I have noticed is a few things that make me wonder if it's really even worth it?..

First, I notice that a lot of coupons, in order to get any significant amount off an item you have to buy not one but two of that item sometimes more... Why would I want to do that if I don't need it? Just to use a coupon? Thats wasting money I would think? So in my own opinion I personally think, in plain English  coupons pretty much stink because of this..

Secondly, I notice that most of the coupons are for things I don't even use. Every once in a while I will come across a few items I do use regularly but the majority of the time it's for items I have never used and never will use.. I also notice there are tons and tons and tons of coupons for disposable razors.. How many razors does one person need?!?!? Now, I know about the "Don't be brand loyal" thing and Im not but I don't buy junk food for my house and there are rarely any coupons that are not for junk food and if they are not then they are for hair dye or toothpaste...not food..

Thirdly, I notice that most coupons have very short expiration dates..Some are only a month others need to be used within weeks..If I don't need the item right then well, the coupon is of no use to me.

I read all these coupon gurus' advice about matching coupons up to store sales but, I don't know about your area but in my area I notice that it seems everytime there is a coupon for something I do use, it's never on sale in the store at the same time. I wonder if the stores know what coupons come out when and then plan their sales around that making sure they don't happen at the same time?

This has just been my experience and I can't help but think I am wasting money on a monthly paper subscription when the coupons that I rarely find that I can use are very few and far between..For me it just doesn't seem to be worth it.. I seem to save more when my local food stores have their sales and through my store card discounts..

What about you? Do you always find coupons for things you use? Is it worth your time and maybe your money to coupon? Do you find that you save more or less with store sales and store card than you do with the coupons you may use? Im interested in your opinions and what you do....Please leave some comments :)


  1. We are Canadian, so when we watch extreme couponing we are just green with Where but the US can you buy that many groceries and still get them for almost free? What a concept, we just shake our heads, our groceries are way more expensive then yours, and our coupon deals nothing like you have.

    We get maybe .25 cents, to maybe .75 cents, sometimes the whopping dollar off, and the product will be around $8.... They cannot be stacked, doubled or anything like you can do in the states.

    I noticed that most of the coupons available are for cleaning agents, shampoos, products that are toxic, and cheap, and highly scented. Stuff that is more junk food then good for you, and I just don't use any of it. Probably that's why they offer coupons to encourage sales....

    Maybe you could try some online sites, it might work out cheaper, and they do show some people going through the recycling to get the coupons...


  2. Hi Jen,
    Don't be fooled. That show is completely rigged.. MOST stores here in the US do NOT double coupons like they show, also some of the stores that are featured in the episodes have been caught letting these "extreme couponers" use coupons that are not for the specific items they bought but they present them that way..What you see on that show is NOT reality here in the states...Its all about TV ratings.. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. Its the same for me Robyn. Why bother when it requires you to buy anything to get something discounted or free. If you hadn't planned to buy said item, what are you going to do with it? It isn't worth it. Cancel your paper unless you like reading it on Sundays. That is the one day I couldn't do without here. And not for the coupons. I do subscribed weekly because I love reading it daily. It is a reasonable price and as long as I can afford it, I will subscribe. The minute I really have to go bare, I will not take it any longer.


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