December 11, 2012

Personal Updates

Its been a few days since my last post. Been busy as usual but it's all good..

On Monday December 10th which is also Mr L's birthday, the big 55, we went to our doctor and had all his stitches removed from his back. All 52 of them. It took a while and I can't say it was painless but he got through it and was done within a half hour or so. It didn't help that our nurse Michelle who we really like kept telling Mr L. that she has never taken this many stitches out of one person at a time.. He was already dreading having them taken out because it's been three weeks and alot of them had scabbed over already. Sorry for the visual there. Michelle used some kind of spray that would freeze the skin so that helped dull the pain too. Now he just has a fourteen inch incision scar up his back. I was going to post a picture of it but I have to be honest.. It's uuuuuugly..Kinna looks like Frankenstein and if I have a hard time looking at it which is highly unusual for me I didn't want my readers who have even weaker stomachs than I to end up tossing their cookies because of a post on my blog. See how I think of you all?
 I'll start putting Vitamin E oil on it soon in hopes it will heal a little nicer..

I also had some X-rays done on my back and left hip. I've had a lot and I mean a lot of pain in my back and hip for about 2 months now. It's interfering with my sleep and I've lost the ability to be able to twist my body in certain ways because it hurts too much. According to my doctor, there is a small amount of arthritis in my hip and back. Arthritis? I'm only 42? Seriously?!?! He also said if I wasn't complaining he would think it's a pretty perfect X ray but since it's been happening over time he suggested physical therapy to teach me how to re-learn how to move my back and such while I'm sleeping. Really?.. I suggested Chiropractic and he wasn't too keen on that idea. I'm still now sure why but ya-know what? I'm not too keen on the physical therapy idea either. First of all, my husband just had his entire spine reconstructed. For the most part he is unable to do anything except walk a few times a day short distances and sit up for 15 minutes at a time and that's it.. I also have a home and seven dogs to care for. Would someone like to tell me when I am supposed to fit PT in my schedule? Yeah, not happening right now. I also think a chiropractor may be able to better manipulate my spine better and help more than stretching? I am stretching now and it hurts! why would I want to do more of that? So I think I will wait until Mr L. is back on his feet more and try the local chiropractor first. Will keep you updated. Oh yeah, I haven't been feeling well in weeks worse than my usual not feeling well from all my other health issue's. Turns out I have sinus infection one million trillion and five so I am back on antibiotics yet again. My poor stomach.

Since Mr L's birthday was on Monday and we had all this doctor stuff we had to do we decided to celebrate on Sunday. Of course he really can't go anywhere or do much so I made him a nice dinner and invited our friends and neighbors Bill and Linda over for dinner. I made my home style meat loaf, glazed carrots, herbed string beans, mashed taters with gravy and for desert I bought Mr L one of his favorite cakes. An Italian cream cake. It was delicious! Or so I am told. We had a really nice evening with Bill and Linda and Mr L was happy which makes me happy.

Here are a few photos from Sunday nights dinner.

The birthday boy.
This is Bill, Linda and Mr L 

Myself and Mr L 

The Italian Cream Cake
and one more of me and my love

Enjoy your day! :)


  1. I am so glad you were able to celebrate Lou's birthday. Even if it wasn't on the actual day. It probably made him feel good to have some company over and to actually participate.

    Just a note about Vit E on the scar. When I had my skin cancer on my face done by a plastic surgeon, he said for me not to put anything other than vaseline on it for the first couple of months. Reason was if something was to be wrong with the scar, they needed it to be in its most natural state. I am having problems and have to go back in to see him. Just a thought you might want to ask the drs. Does he have any kind of a followup with the surgery? I know he won't be going to Duke for it, but thought maybe a local dr might be the followup. Wishing him well with continued recovery. And praying for you to find a way to get help with your back. You can get home visits with physical therapy from Medicare if you are on it. You just have to say you are homebound, which you are. Many hugs to you both!

  2. HI Robyn, As you shared about getting stitches out, I remembered getting staples out after my second C-section(ouch). From then on, I always tell folks to take a pain releaver before getting them out. Your poor man! Has anyone ever said he looks like Richard Gere? I think he does. I'm sorry your back and hip are hurting. I have a pain in my hip alot and have been told it is just age(but I'm alot older than you are my friend). I think seeing a chiro is a good thing, especially if you've done it before. Loved seeing the birthday dinner. Stay well and be at peace dear friend.
    Hugs and prayers.

  3. Oh, sweet Robyn! I came by to thank you for your sweet comments as I keep getting your email address back as undeliverable and I read a few of your latest posts. You have certainly had your hands full. I hope your hubby is doing better and that your dog babies are pain free. I will keep your household in prayer for sure. Sometimes life hits us in waves, doesn't it. Hugs, Patty

  4. What a hard time for you both. I'm wishing you speedy recoveries and healing. You look wonderful in your photo together! Sweet hugs!

  5. Glad to hear he got his stitches out and could sit at the table for his birthday cake! What an ordeal the two of you have had! Sending positive thoughts your way!

  6. Man, he can only sit up for 15 minutes a day! wow. What does he do the rest of the time?

    As far as back and hip pain I had something similar a couple of years ago. It took a long time for the right diagnosis because my problem doesn't show on normal Xrays and Cat scans and MRI's. It was my SI
    joint--which is a small joint like area in the pelvis. It caused the back to ache , the hip to ache, and some referred pain in the front on the lower left ab side. I went to a Chiropractor and since that didn't help much I resorted to PT. (I could hardly walk and was getting little sleep). I am kindof twisted in the pelvic area and that causes one leg to sometimes be a bit shorter and in turn puts stress on the SI joint area. SOOO, the physical therapy eventually did the trick. It took quite some time for her to find the right therapy to help it. She included things for how to sit, how to sit in the car, how to sleep (positions) and stretching. The positions really did some help over time. My back muscles were the tightest that one guy had ever seen! So eventually things got under control. I have to be careful what I do and how I do it and I have to do certain stretches. I have little pain now---I do have some slight pain and I can't sleep on one of my sides. But thankfully it is wonderfully improved since those days.

    So if you find it continues to be a problem I would encourage you to take the time to get the help you need. If you aren't sleeping it is very difficult to function at all!! I found I was super depressed and much was related to lack of sleep (along with the pain). With all of your physical problems I encourage you to somehow address the ones you can! UGH! SOMEHOW SOME WAY???

  7. pS She even told me how to stand correctly to help my condition. So sometimes it is not just a matter of stretching, but positions we are using that reinforce the condition. Also some types of stretching may be better than others for certain conditions.

    I will say, that my hubby had a different back problem that sounds more similar to yours. Dr. Stengil in Conway who is a chiropractor really helped him. Not sure I spelled the name correctly. (he is RC too). He made a major difference in my hubby's life. He had been in a lot of pain, and now he is not! He also has to be careful of what he does, but what a blessing. It took months, however!


    perhaps you have your own chiropractor? But this is the one that helped us.

  9. Happy 55th birthday to your husband! It looks like you had a lovely evening!


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