December 6, 2012

So Many Times - Part Two

In my original post "So Many Times" I said I would elaborate more on what kept me away from blogging so much. Well, in addition to Mr L's constant pain for three years that got considerably worse for 2 months before his surgery due to him having to cut down on his major pain medication, Bailey one of my Lhasa Apso's who just turned 13 years old in November came down with a very strange ailment in mid - October. 

This little guy right here.
Bailey is the child I was never able to have and hasn't left my side in 13 years. He was born in my hands and has been attached to me by an invisible string ever since. No matter where I am, Bailey is too. One afternoon in mid - October I sat down next to him on my chaise lounge and went to pet him behind the ear and he let out with the loudest scream.. I don't mean a yelp, I mean a scream.. I couldn't figure it out. All I had to do was get my hand even close to his ear, not even touching it and he would scream so yes, I panicked. I called the vet which ofcourse it was after hours and told them what was going on. To make matters worse my regular vet was away in Haiti for the next 4 days so I had to see the covering vet. I thought maybe he had a bad ear infection. I ran him down to the vets office and wouldn't you know it, she did everything she could to get him to scream and... nothing.. He made not a sound. She checked his ears, nothing. All was good there. She checked over his entire body....nothing. Everything looked fine. The vet gave him a shot of an anti-inflammatory just incase. She said it would last 24 hours and see how he is then.

The shot seemed to fix whatever it was until.....23 hours later he began to scream again and now he was also crying non stop and panting. Thankfully my regular vet came back sooner than expected so it was back to the vet. Bailey by this time was freaking out at the vet like he has never ever done. He was so not right. The doctor said his crying was not a cry of pain but a neurological issue. What kind of issue? Could either be some kind of brain tumor or meningitis and I was told to test for these things would run into the thousands of thousands So we took a chance and went by blood work and symptoms.

First set of blood work was way off. Blood sugar was up ( Diabetes?) white blood count was up indicating some kind of infection an going by symptoms we were sure it was meningitis but now, what kind of meningitis? Inflammatory or bacterial? The plan of action was heavy antibiotics and heavy doses of steroids for two weeks and see how it goes. I had a very good chance of losing Bailey which I was so not ready for especially with my husbands upcoming surgery that was also no little matter. Stress? You bet!...

The first week with Bailey on his new medications were horrible. While I was seeing some improvement here and there albeit small he was still crying all day and night and panting non - stop and then one day he was better..So we kept him on antibiotics and steroids for another two weeks. After that we re-ran the blood work and all was normal. The antibiotics were stopped and I began slowly withdrawing the steroids and once I did that it seemed like his neurological ticks were coming back so I upped them again and he started to get better again... 

It's now December and Bailey has been off the steroids for about 2 weeks now. He still has some neurological ticks like his head will jolt a little or one of his legs will, his back leg and front leg will shake at times but otherwise he's back to himself again. These symptoms may always stay with him and it may come back again full force so I just have to keep a constant good eye on him which I do because I am still not ready to lose him just yet.

Now we get to Lady.. This little girly here. 
Mr L had surgery on Tuesday November 20th. I was home ( thats another story for another day as to why). As you can imagine I was beside myself with worry and stress all day long. At about 11:30 PM that night after speaking with the ICU nurse and being assured that Mr L was doing fantastic, I was told to go to bed and get some rest because I sounded just exhausted, and I was.  No sooner had I put the light out and closed my eyes to try and sleep, I hear Lady give a loud cough after which she ran across my bedroom floor and I heard a thud. She had fallen over. I turned the light on, quick jumped out of bed and ran to find her laying on her side panting and gasping for breath. Once again, massive panic. I called my vet ( yes I have a wonderful vet whom I am allowed to call anytime of the day and night, thank you God for your gift of my vet). I explained to him what was happening and he agreed with me that it sounded like Lady was dying from my description. He offered to meet me at the office but explained there really was not much I could do but watch her , hold her , tell her how much I loved her and be with her till she passed. I hung up from him and called my neighbor Linda down the block. ( Thank you God for the friendship of Linda). Linda ran right up, she took one look at Lady and agreed she looked like she was dying and who by now seemed as if she was really struggling to breath and her tongue was turning dark! I mean dark!

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed some Karo syrup and a can of dog food. Lady is a 13 yr old diabetic who is also blind and partially deaf. I began  flooding her gums with Karo syrup just incase this was some kind of low blood sugar. It didn't seem to be helping. By this time ,I was so exhausted, my heart was pounding so fast I thought it was going to come out of my chest and I felt like I was going to faint. Suddenly about 10 minutes later (although it seemed like hours) Lady stood up, her breathing back to normal, her tongue color back to normal, looked around as if to say, "Ok, where's the party?".. I looked at her and said to her, "Seriously?!?!? I mean Seriously!?!?!?!".. I couldn't believe what just took place. So I sat on the floor with Linda and Lady and I fed her a half a can of dog food which she's not supposed to have but I didn't care at that point. She ate that like she hadn't eaten in a week and she was fine..Of course I couldn't end the night without cutting my hand open on the dog food can. It would seem that for some unknown reason Lady's sugar decided to drop like a rock that night. I believe it's just old age and these things are going to happen with her. So I am also always watching her like a hawk now as well.. 

Now you know where I've been for the last two months. In a little town called stressville.. It's not a pleasant place to be but it seems I have a full time apartment there for the time being but I am slowly relocating.

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  1. WOW! You have been through a lot! Prayers going your way for your cute doggies and husband and your sanity! :)

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