December 15, 2012

Unanswered Questions, Haircuts, Stop signs, Chicken and Beans!

Crazy name for a post right? Yeah, I thought so too but then again, I've never been accused of being all that 'balanced' anyway.

I would be remiss if I didn't in some way mention on my blog today the tragedy that took place in Newtown Connecticut on Friday. What does one say in the face of such tragedy and evil? The news media has been 24 hours of non stop coverage so there really is no way to get away from it. Going on Facebook isn't the answer either because you are inundated there as well. The twenty six people who were so brutally murdered yesterday will never be forgotten especially, the 20 little ones who hadn't even begun to live life yet. Some have asked,  Why did this happen? where was God? Why didn't He stop it?.. I can't say I have definite answers to that, it only leads me to have more questions. I know in my heart that He was there yesterday and He is here now.

Why did it happen? I don't know. It may be blamed on all kinds of things and I am sure we will all be told how mentally ill this person was and maybe thats true but maybe, just possibly it was pure evil.. So many people in our world today and sadly a large part in our country have moved so far away from God that they no longer believe in Heaven or hell, God or the devil or good and evil. Its very possible that this doesn't need some gigantic, long, drawn out medical explanation. It could be simple. It was pure evil that walked into that school yesterday. It seems once again we are visited with another senseless, evil act upon innocent people by once again, a lone gunmen looking to kill. Maybe our ever deteriorating society is the cause. Lets face it, we have completely turned away from God. We have kicked Him out of our schools, out of the public square and if some had their way they would even take away CHRISTmas from Him which is HIS birth. We allow our young children and teens to sit and play violent video games for hours and days on end where all they do in these games is kill, kill, kill and eventually they may become desensitized to it. We as a society have turned away from everything that is right and good to everything that is evil and wrong. We promote what is evil and wrong and shun what is good and right. Maybe God has lifted His protection from our nation. Could you blame him?

As for having the answers I don't. But to me personally, yesterday looks like pure evil and nothing more complicated than that. Many factors as to why and I think it  is ever more clear that the battle being waged is not a political one as most believe but yet a spiritual one between the forces of good and evil. Some questions never have any answers but we must pray for everyone who was murdered yesterday and those who loved them. Also we must pray for the victims who survived and their loved one as no one in that school will be left untouched and we must pray for all of us in this country as that tragedy will and has affected each of us in some way. I know this post will be controversial to some but these are my personal thoughts on something that I can only comprehend as pure evil..

-Stop Signs-

Yesterday morning before I learned of the tragedy in CT, I had been out at the store picking up some items we needed and I grabbed a small plastic box of mini cupcakes to celebrate. Mr L, had physical therapy early yesterday morning where he walked for the first time from our house around the block and back. It was a small victory but a significant one considering he hasn't been able to do that in almost three years. So we celebrate the small victories as they happen until we celebrate the last and final victory when physical therapy is over.. Each day Mr L is getting stronger and stronger. Praise God.

 - Hair Cuts - 

Thursday I finally was able to get Bailey and Onyx in for much much needed baths and haircuts. Bailey was supposed to have gone in for one two months ago but thats when he came down with the meningitis and I wasn't letting him out of my sight until he was much better. I also bring my fur-kids in for grooming in two's as they get very insecure when they are alone so unfortunately Onyx had to wait too. Onyx didn't look nearly as scruffy and dirty as Bailey did probably because he's all black and Bailey has a lot of white in him. Poor thing, I've been calling him Dirty Bird for the last two months but now, he's all sparkling clean and smelling good!

-Chicken and Beans- 

Today was also Chicken and Bean day meaning, I had to cook ten pounds of chicken and five pounds of string beans, then mince it all up in my food processor for my two diabetic dogs so they have lunch and dinner for the week. It's a long process. It takes me about two , two and a half hours from start to finish but at least now I don't have to do it again until next Saturday which will be easier because I cooked enough chicken that I was able to put it in a food saver bag, you know those food savers where it sucks all the air out and seals the food air tight so it lasts longer. The only thing I'll have to do is cook more string beans next week because I ran out today.

Its been very cold here in my part of South Carolina and it's supposed to get colder these next few weeks leading up to Christmas. You won't hear me complaining. I love the cold. I only wish we could get a foot of snow along with it! I think tonight I will go clean the fireplace out, get a nice little fire going and pop in the movie Hope Springs and watch with Mr L.

What are your plans for the rest of this weekend?


  1. Frankly, in my opinion since I almost lost my son and his then girlfriend, now wife to a crazed person, I would have lost the 3 grandchildren that I live for today. Guns have to stop. I am so frigging sick and tired of hearing it isn't the guns, its the people. Well, someone has to put guns out there for people to have. Period, end of discussion in my book. Yes, I am intolerant of intolerance, but in this case, shut all the sales down and only the military need have them.

    1. Well Laura, yaknow, I thought about this whole gn control issue and while I am ALL for freedom and the right to bear arms etc my thinking has changed a bit since Friday. All these massacres that have taken place in recent years, in schools, movie theaters, malls etc. They aren't being done by your everyday common street thug. They are being done by people who by guns and keep them at home for hunting, protection whatever. So while I don't want our freedoms impinged on anymore than they are I think we need to seriously take a look at some sort of gun control..

  2. I admire you for making you own dog food.
    I thought about doing that because our dog itches so much with dog food from the grocery store. We give her green beans also.
    Have you give your dogs cooked eggs?

    1. Hi Christine,
      Yes, every morning I give my 2 diabetics their dry diabetic food which I have mushed with water and they each get a warm scrambled egg with it mixed in :)

  3. It's a lot of work to make your own dog food, but obviously it's worth it...Boo gets special food, but it's from the vet.

    I totally agree with your post, this is a tragedy, and people are looking for something to blame it on because we need to make sense of what happened, the answer is there right in front of us.


    1. Hi Jen, Thanks for stopping by.. Yes it's hard work but thankfully I only have to do it for 2 of the 7 we have.. I don't think I could do it for all 7. I'd lose my mind.. LOL!

  4. Wishing Mr. L. all the best and hope his recovery goes well. Wonderful job with the dog food! Well done! Your doggies must be happy campers. :-)

    Praying for all the victims and their families in CT. Agree that we need to put God back in our schools. I am thanking God that my daughter homeschools her 4 kids.

    Great blog, Robyn!

    God bless! Joan


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