January 24, 2013

Off The Grid

Yep, thats what I've been. Off the blog grid...Gosh, where to begin... Not that there has been so much happening just daily life taking over..I know you all like to look at lots of pictures but sorry, don't have many for this post..

Where have I been and what I have been up to...Well, I've been home and running errands and just living my sort of fast paced life as usual...Mr L. is still recovering from his complete spinal reconstruction and he will be for quite some time to come.. He's doing a little more now as he can but it's still very slow going which we were told to expect..Now that it's two months later we are able to notice what hurts when he does certain things for too long like sitting to long.. His right leg still goes completely numb on him but, that may be something he will always have to deal with as we already knew before hand that he has permanent nerve damage but, I'm so happy to say he's coming down slowly off all of his pain medications and is on considerably less than he has been in over seven years. It is a work in progress, it's all in the Lords hands and we will follow where He leads..

Mr L and I have decided it's time to get our financial house in order so we have also been working on that. Well, I've been working on that..Baby steps but our goal is to get out of debt and move back to NJ by sometime next year if not sooner but once again, we've put it in the Lords hands..

I've also taken on another responsibility which I am truly happy about. Every Monday at my church I spend an hour of adoration with the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. This brings me much peace and happiness which can't really be explained.

I am also slowly starting to work on Christmas gifts for this year. I have decided since we never seem to be able to buy anything for anyone, I am going to take my skills and put them to use and make everyone something nice for Christmas. I'ts been another learning curve so far but it also keeps me very busy when I have the time to work on it..

In February for the Lent season Mr L and I have decided after so many years it's time to give up smoking. We've actually been wanting to for more than a year, have tried and failed many times but this time I am determined to make it work.

Another project I'd like to work on through the year is cleaning out closets and clutter and looking for ways to sell it..I have many nice things that I simply do not use and its time they went..The problem is how to sell it? A yard sale is out of the question because of our location no one would find us. Ebay isn't a great option either because of their insane fees. By the time you pay all the fees they charge, plus PayPal fees you've lost money. Then there's Craigs list but it seems there are so many lunatics on there I don't think I want people coming to my home and the items I have to sell must be picked up. Of course I could always run an ad in the newspaper but have you seen how expensive a simple ad is to run? So, I'm kind of stumped on how to go about this but plan on looking online for some ideas. Any advice or idea's you can pass on to me?

As for my health, it's holding for now. Once again, it's all in the Lords hands. I am firing my doctor and looking for a new one. I have an appointment with a new doctor on Feb 7th, I just pray it goes well. The reason I am firing my current physician is, I have been called up for jury duty. It would be a week long trial and I'd have to be there all day. I can not sit on a jury all day due to health reasons plus I am responsible for caring for my husband. When I called my current doctor and explained to his nurse that I need a letter testifying to the fact that my health prevents me from serving all day and why, which he is fully aware of, or so I thought. I received a return call from the nurse telling me that "Dr so and so doesn't do jury letters and he doesn't see any reason why you can't sit there all day". My reply was, excuse me? He's been seeing me monthly if not more for seven years and he doesn't 'see why I can't sit there all day?" and "seriously, he doesn't "do" jury letters? Are you for real?" Ofcourse I got dead silence I said well, gee, thanks for nothing. So, it's quite obvious this doctor hasn't been paying an ounce of attention to my health issue's for the last seven years and has been just content to write me scripts and send me on my way.. Time for a new doctor.

So now on January 28th I have to be at the court house at 9 am for jury selection at which time I will explain to them why I can not serve and I will be telling them that my doctor refused to write a letter explaining my medical problems. I so hope they call him and make him feel like the jerk he is..

Lastly, Ive been taking mini breaks from Facebook for the last two weeks or so and I see what a horrible time suck it is. Granted I still like to go on and check here and there because there are some people and groups I like to keep up with but as for the Zynga games I play, although I enjoy them mostly, lately they're just not doing it for me and from being off there so much I am seeing just how much time I I can spend doing things I really enjoy.. So I think Facebook and I in the coming weeks will be parting ways for the most part.. Not completely but definitely much, much further away from each other. I have rediscovered that I like my quiet time without it. I like my time to sit and crochet, or read, or knit or even just watch a movie or one of the few TV shows I do watch. I realized that Email and Facebook have nothing so important on them that I have to spend every spare moment I have on it. And yaknow what? It feels good!

Mr L and I also have another issue we are dealing with which involves the church and it's very stressful so I would appreciate your prayers for our private intention.

The dogs are all doing alright although, Mr L and I are concerned about our Lady. She's old. She just turned 14, she's been diabetic since 2009, she's been blind since 2010 and lately she just seems to be losing more of her faculties. She seems a bit more confused here and there. She's been a little more fussy about eating which she never is.. We think Lady may be giving us signs here and there that her time is coming to part from us and while this thought pains us a great deal because we love her so deeply, we also understand..It will be so tremendously hard to let her go but we both know we must do whats in her best interest. We'll be keeping a closer eye on her (if thats even possible) over the coming months and take it a day at a time.. We love our Lady Girl more than anything.

I guess thats it for now. I think I have you all caught up. I will try and post more and update more as I can. The weather here in South Carolina has finally gotten cold. We are in the 20's in the morning which is a shock to the system considering we were near 80 all last week and I had my air conditioning on but Im loving the cold. By next week, we'll be back 60 and even 70 one day..

I hope all is well with everyone..

God bless you and keep you in His love always,

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