January 30, 2013

Weird Wednesday

Yep, today has just been plain weird. From my own personal day to the weather, to what I made for dinner.. Just.... weird...My migraine has finally let up for the most part.. Still getting twinges in my head here and there but thank God the massive pain seems to have subsided for now anyway...I usually take a nap in the afternoon so that I can wake up and have some soup (has to do with my illness) but today, no dice. I think I slept too late this morning. I didn't get out of bed until 930 am which is late for me and the fact that I'm feeling a bit better, by 230 I knew I was not going to nap. Unfortunately that meant I didn't get much to eat today but it's happened before and I'm sure it will happen again. On the upside of that I have gotten some extra time this afternoon to visit some of the blogs that I love. I have so many, I admit it, I am a blog junky. One day I will list all of the blogs I read and then you can visit them too!.. It usually takes me a couple of hours to visit everyone.

Tonight we are awaiting the rest of the storm to roll into South Carolina that ripped up Georgia today as well as took a few lives. May they rest in peace through the mercy of God. We have been having high winds all day. Tonight the gusts are supposed to kick up to about 40 miles per hour.

To the left of my yard this pretty white cloud with a touch of pink floating by but to the left of me? Are these ominous looking clouds rolling in at a fast clip. We are also supposed to get a lot of rain which doesn't bother me. The weather here today has been just yucky.. Thats the only word I can use to explain it. It hit 70 here today but the humidity was horrible. It's the kind that if you leave your windows open you can feel it in your carpets etc.. So I welcome the rain and much cooler temps behind it.

I sat and figured out next months budget not even going to go there, suffice to say, it's ugly and I made out my food shopping list for the month and planned my dinners for the hubster. And because I was so busy crunching numbers I forgot to take out a steak for Mr Lou's dinner so instead he got breakfast for dinner!

Pancakes with a side order of scrambled eggs. Easy and filling ...

How was your Wednesday? As weird as mine? 


  1. Hi Robyn, I'm sorry you are dealing with migraines on top of everything else. May our Lord bless you tonight. Hugs, Noreen

  2. I love breakfast for supper--it is a treat! I hope the storms are not too bad tonight; we are under a tornado watch for the next 5 hours.

    I had a bit of weirdness today. I have to wear braces starting in 3 weeks. They gave me my first clear thingies to try to get use to them---the dentist had to use a special tool to take the top ones out! So I have found I need to use a really really tiny crochet hook to remove the top ones---weird---they have to be removed each time you eat and drink. So I won't be wearing them to church!

    Glad your head is doing better!

  3. It was a rather odd day today...wonder if a full moon is coming, or here? I tell you people in public, and all that...lol.

    I am glad to hear that your migraine is lessening it's hold on you..not so good to be suffering from them.

    Hope you continue to feel better.


  4. I am happy to hear you are feeling better! The weather has been weird here too. It hit 65 degrees here in NJ this afternoon, then the wind and rain started. The wind is supposed to get bad overnight (probably the same storm you had) and then we might get snow on Friday. Hope all is well!


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