February 26, 2013

Blogging Etiquette Part Two..

Last week I wrote a post about Blogging Etiquette and had a question about it. I got many many kind and very helpful responses and I can't thank those enough who took the time to stop over and weigh in.. Their help and advice made me realize that every blogger has their 'own thing' and thats really what you should strive for. Doing your 'own thing' whatever that may be.

I was getting all caught up in having to be like some bloggers who always have a DYI going, a recipe happening etc. But honestly, thats just not me. Sure I do some DYI projects here and there and yes I cook new and different things here and there but it's not an everyday or every week thing for me.. I write more about my life. Im comfortable with that.

Anyhow, A woman who I happen to like very much as well as her blog wrote a post about all this and I would like to share it with you. If you've ever felt pressure to have a blog that "has it all" or have so many readers, followers or feel the need to constantly check your visitor counts then this post is for you.. Go ahead, have a look. The author of this post made me feel so much better and I think it will help others too!. Thank you Claudia! :)


  1. Robyn, I am going to hop over and read her post. I to do not worry about being like everyone else. When people ask me 'What is your blog about?' I honestly have to say, "Whatever pops into my head". I love to cook but rarely post about it. I guess I post mostly about decor and gardening, but always throw random stuff in. That's what makes blogging so fun. That everyones blog is uniquely them. Love reading what you have to share!

  2. Thanks for sharing Claudia's post. I think anyone who has been blogging for any amount of time can relate to it. I almost stopped blogging at the end of last year and then changed to a new format that I'm using now. I have found that it gives me joy and has taken the stress our to blogging. Who needs another stressor in their life anyways?

  3. Claudia wrote an amazing post about just blogging for yourself...it's so full of wisdom.


  4. I just read her post! It was wonderful and I am glad that all of the replies you had on Part I made you feel better!

    Have a great week!

  5. I've been blogging for 5 years, and I write what I like to share with others, but I also write for me. This is a journal of my life, and it's fun to go back over the years to see where I was and what I was doing. Don't be pressured to do anything that doesn't feel right for you.

  6. Perfect! you've got to do your thing!


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