February 27, 2013

C'mon Sping!

I don't know about ya'll but for some reason this year I can not wait for the warmer weather.. not the hot summer weather but the warmer 70'ish weather of Spring.. In my part of South Carolina, Im by the coast we usually don't get real cold. Only for about a week or so in January.. Not so this year!.. It's been VERY cold for my area we even had snow and ice last weekend!.. Now this week, we are beginning with rain , possibly some thunderstorms and will become increasingly colder as the week wears on with temps at night in the low 20's. I know for those of you North and West of me thats nothing but for here? Thats cold!!..and I think I have cabin fever for the first time in my life.. Im so sick of looking out the window and seeing everything so bare and dismal. So last night I sat down with my "Southern Living" magazine and went right to the gardening section. Each month they tell you what you can plant for your zone of the country and so next month I will begin with this!

This is called "Amethyst Falls" a superior form of American Wisteria. According to Southern Living, unlike Japanese and Chinese Wisteria, Amethyst Falls doesn't destroy everything in it's path. I have a arbor in the middle of my walk way up to my front door. So next month I will be planting this vine, which I will tie to one side of the arbor and hope it climbs once it starts to grow. This article even shows you how to cut it back in the winter time so it's doesn't become overgrown and look like a hot mess..

Next I was thinking of some of these in some pots out front even for my deck boxes.
This is called Diamond Front Euphorbia. I would like to put a few of these pots in between my bushes in the front of my home. They say this flower blooms from early summer until first frost. In the same post with these I'd like to add some of these.

From what I can understand this is a kind of petunia  Of course I wouldn't put so much of it in with the Euphoribia but just enough to be pretty..

In the boxes that hang on my porch deck in front I'd like to plant some of these although I havent' had much luck with pansies but I do so love them

I also need to do some research on flowers and plants that don't need a lot of sun as the front of my home doesn't get a lot of sun in the afternoon..I just can't wait to get out there and start planting.. What about you? Have any idea of what flowers or plants you'll be putting in this year?

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  1. That vine is gorgeous! I love pansies too but they only last here in Phoenix until around the end of May when things start getting really hot. Not very many flowers last into June here. That's why I enjoy our short lived spring here so much. Summers are brutal.


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