February 7, 2013

Financial Freedom Sort Of... and More

Yesterday was another busy but productive day which is why there was no post up...

God gave us an absolutely beautiful day in the 60's with sunshine. I was able to have my windows open all day!
Not my home but I love sunflowers and adore the house in the background.. 

Then last night I finally got around to paying our monthly bills. I usually do them in the first few days of the month but since being sick for a while now and busy I had no time or energy to bother.. However, I have been wanting to start using Dave Ramsey's snowball method for paying down debt and last night I finally started..
I paid off one credit account in full! No more balance.. I can't tell you how freeing that feels! Only seven more to go but we'll get there! 

Our morning did start with a vet visit for Lady. As I told you in my last post I honestly was not sure if Lady would be leaving us yesterday.. She's just been so off and she's old with her health issues and I actually prepared myself as much as I could if my vet said he thought it was time.. 
After the Dr, ran some blood work, gave her a good physical exam he said nope, she's not ready yet.. She still has MUCH fight and life in her yet and the biggest thing is, she is not suffering in anyway.. He said, she's old, she has diabetes and she has issue's that any senior citizen at her age will have. Lady's blood sugar was a bit high but we are going to attack that over the next few days and see if we can bring it down. He also said as long as she's doing well as she is now, we will treat her ailments as they come up until her body will no longer allow us.The Dr. said what he wants for Lady is to eat healthy, go home and relax on the deck in the sun (something she LOVES doing) for as long as she wants. He wants her happy and healthy for as long as we can keep her that way.... So our girl from what was said yesterday and from what we can tell by testing and behavior isn't ready to leave us anytime soon.. For that I am grateful because we aren't ready to lose her just yet.. Yay for my Momma Girl (nick name we have for her)
Today I don't have much planned. I have some paperwork I need to get in order over the next few days. We may take a ride to this new store called "Ollies" supposedly everything they have is 70 to 80% off retail stores with lots and lots of closeouts.. We just want to go look and see what they offer. I'll take some photos and give you an update on that soon as we go..

Well, it's time for me to get out of bed and begin feeding all the pups and the hubby. I wish you all a very blessed Thursday! 


  1. Happy to hear that Lady is healthy and not ready to leave you yet!

    1. Me too Barb!...She is old, she has diabetes, and she's blind an when the time comes we will do whats best for her but none of us are ready for that just yet.. Thank you SO much for stopping by and commenting! :)

  2. OH, that is good news--I was wondering how she was doing. I agree about yesterday--I had my windows open too---it felt like spring! I did find the cake and brownie gluten free stuff---as you mentioned I think on facebook. Walmart had some. I tried the brownie mix , but I made muffins with it. There is a cool recipe where you mix a 15 ounce can of pumpkin with the brownie mix with nothing else added. It makes some goo-ie more healthy recipe. My son and I love them. I don't like to make this too often (wt gain!). I have not heard of Ollies--let us know. Looks like rain today---which is also nice. Have a nice day!

    1. Im so glad you found the Gluten free products and at Walmart too! As for the weight gain, I understand.. Unfortunately thats not my problem but as I always say, all thing in moderation are always a good thing :)...I'll be posting about Ollies tomorrow. It's in where the old Piggly Wiggly was in Carolina Forest. It's HUGE..Thanks for stopping by and commenting Kim :)

  3. Oh what great news, I'm so happy you get to spend more time with her.

    And congrats on the paying off of one of the debts, that is a good feeling.


    1. Thanks Jen.. She's still with us but still giving me a problem eating which isn't good.. So Im pretty confused on whats happening to her..and Yes!! I was walking on air when I paid off that card last night.. Cant wait to do it again! :) Thanks for coming by :)


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