June 18, 2013

Giving Of Yourself...

Hello my sweet readers,

If you are Christian then we are in the season of Lent. A season we are called to for repentance, prayer and alms giving. If you're not a Christian these are still good values and beliefs to adhere to in your life. Just as Lent began this year I learned of a heart breaking reality. My cousin Elle, whom I idolized as a little girl, wanted to be like her, talk like her and look like her and still wouldn't mind it today has been battling stomach cancer for quite a while now.

Here's my beautiful cousin.
When I found out I was heart broken. While we don't often get to see each other much I do remember the times when she and her twin sister Carolyn took me to the stables to see the horses or taught me not to be afraid of the German Shepherds they were raising when I'd come over..or how when I'd sit at the piano my Aunt and Uncle had in their living room banging away on the keys making mainly noise rather than music and no one complained and just let me be..Elle is only 57 years old an has two sons. Her insurance only covered so much of her treatment and now on top of her cancer battle she is completely destitute. So I would ask if you would like to, if you can and even if you can't.. Please visit her site, think about making a donation and if that isn't possible please visit her site and click on the "Hugs" tab and send her some words of encouragement maybe even some prayers... This dear sweet woman is in a fight for her life that came out of nowhere and words of love and encouragement can lift the soul like no other..
Here is a link to the website that has been set up for her. 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart..


  1. You are such a thoughtful and loving person Robyn for always thinking of others! I will certainly include your cousin in my prayers! I have my own cousin who was my maid of honor, she just very recently learned of pancreas cancer and just underwent surgery this past week. So much sickness and worry these days...it is very sad! But we look to God for our strength and our peace of mind.

  2. Annie, Im SO sorry about your cousins diagnosis.. I lost my mom to that monster.. I will keep her in my prayers.. If you get a chance please let me know her name.. Sending my love xoxo

  3. Praying for your cousin Robyn


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