February 28, 2013

Small Changes... Big Results..

For many years I've been in a morning rut.. Also for many years my husband has slept on the couch instead of in our bed. No not because we have marriage problems but because he's had 6 back surgeries and number six was a huge failure. He was on tons of pain medications and in constant pain for almost 36 months until this past November when he had his spine completely reconstructed at Duke University Hospital in North Carolina.  But, back to my morning rut.

Because of this, I would get up every morning around oh 8 am sometimes 830 am.. Make my scrambled eggs quietly in the kitchen and then come back into the bedroom and into my bed to eat. Then I would sit on the laptop until 9 or 930 am.  By the time I'd get out of bed I was rushed because these little cuties of mine..
This is Lady

are both diabetics and need to eat by 9 or 930 am and have their insulin shots by 10 am.. Afterwards, I would begin rushing to feed my other five dogs, plus make breakfast for Mr. Lou, then clean everything up etc. By the time I was done it was almost 12 pm. The morning was gone and I was exhausted. 

Recently I came across a new blog. Well, it's new to me. I love the posts and the author seems to be a wonderful down to earth woman and she has inspired me in a big way. She starts each day with scripture reading before she does anything else and she's up very early because she owns a farm. While I can't get up that early, we're talkin before 5 am, surely I can get up at 7 am. So the last few nights I've been trying to get myself to shut the lights out for bed by 11pm if not before and be up a bit early. The last two days I've been up and out of bed by 7 am. I have my eggs and then like Sandra does I've been spending time before I do anything else reading the Daily Mass Readings from my Roman Missal. This gives me my daily Scripture..

And then I follow that up with the daily devotions from 

I have found in these last two days, I am no longer in such a hurry. I don't get on my laptop until way later in the day so Im not wasting time on trivial things and most of all, I have found I am much calmer and much more peaceful internally and to be around. Beginning your day with God is a huge, huge benefit and one I am sorry I did not take advantage of before. How do you start each day?
 I would like to thank Sandra for being such an inspiration and helping me even though she didn't even know it.. 

Also check out her blog.. I love it and I think you will too!


  1. Robyn-Those are wonderful changes and I am proud of you. It does take effort to change and this is a really positive one-xo Diana

  2. Thank you so much Diana! and thank you also for coming by :)
    Robyn XO

  3. I start my day with God and coffee. lol --have to have the coffee! I read the daily Mass readings and prayers from a book I get every month. These also will usually have a discourse on a Saint for that day and give a devotional after each Mass reading. God has really used this in my life and my hubby's life as well. I have been getting up late--I just seem to sleep better if I go to bed late and get up late, now that I don't have kiddies and pets! So it works fine, but I suppose it might be nice to get up a tad earlier. I like getting up after the Sun rises because I am just usually happier that way.

    I have been extending my prayer time and praying much more specific things for my family members, and this has been a real blessing. Also spending more time just in quiet and listening--really something I often did not do as much.

    I also do some studying of doctrines, since I am new as a Catholic. The day can get away from me. I try to throw in my chores ;-) , cooking , and walks, errands, etc mostly after lunch.

  4. My sister-in-law gets up at five for her morning devotional time. She admits she nods off sometimes in the early evening, but it's worth it. She's the one who introduced me to Jesus Calling. I've been reading it over a year, daily, and now my husband has begun too. Isn't it wonderful!


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