February 20, 2013

South Carolina In The Snow...

Wow! I haven't seen weather like we had this past weekend since I moved here from New Jersey.. I can tell you, I missed it!.. We were told by the weather man who I have to say, the local guy is a pretty cool guy, that we would get approximately a dusting of snow in my area.. We got more.. I was thrilled!.. Yeah, sorry everyone up North I know you're so sick of snow and cold but when it snows here it's a big event because it doesn't happen very often. I took some photos to show you how beautiful it all looked the next day. 

This past Sunday morning around 730 am as I was leaving for Mass the sun was just starting to wake up..and it was cold! Cold I tell you! Well cold for here. I think it was about 29 degrees when I went outside..What I didn't expect though was through all this beauty, it had rained sometime overnight and there was ice! All over my front steps and my car. I was able to get into my car but I actually had to take a jewel case from a CD and scrape, chip and chop the ice so my windshield wipers would work. I tried to chop it off the bottom of the windows but the CD case finally broke and I thought my hands were going to fall off at the wrists from the cold. I don't have any really warm weather outer wear anymore so yes I was freezing. I can honestly say, chopping this ice is one thing I do NOT miss...
This is Matty in the backyard before the sun came up. He was loving to run around because he's never seen this amount of snow in all his life..It was fun to watch him for a few moments..My little dogs though we brought here with us from NJ and they remember snow and ice.. I opened the door to let them out and I swear it was like they all thought the same thing at the same time. They all looked up at me as if to say, "You're kidding right? This white stuff again? And you seriously want us to go out in it? Not happening Mom?" then all turned around and went back into the den... It was quite funny.. LOL

This is my holly tree that sits in the middle of the left side of the lawn. I thought she looked so cute with all her tips in white. 

After taking a few photos around my home, I drove around town (once the car warmed up to a level that a human could stand it) and took photos of the trees. They look so absolutely beautiful with their tips and some of the bodies all covered in snow and ice. I thought I would share with you. Each time I saw something more beautiful I thought to myself.. God surely is an amazing artist. Look at all this beauty he created last night with snow and rain. I guess when you haven't had weather like this in over ten years you tend to miss it and appreciate it so much more. You complain less about it and even being a tad bit frozen to your bones seems to be fun like it was when you were little.. 
These are some trees a few blocks away from where I live 
These are some kind of bush called "something grass" down here in the south. All covered in snow they remind me of those little cakes we used to get as kids aptly named "Snowballs"
A beautiful pine tipped in snow.. 
I love this tree all covered in snow and ice. It reminds of feathers. The kind women used to wear in the 1920's and 1930's.. 
I love this photo. It's of a field some blocks away from where I live. I think the structure may at one time have been an old farm house barn or just a barn. It's been deserted for all the time I've lived here but I love the rusticness (is that a word?) of it.. and it looks so perfect in the field of snow with the trees in the background all covered in snow high up.. 
This photo was taken looking across the street from my house. Isn't it beautiful? I love the way my Myrtle Trees in the front there look all iced and white. 

And as it goes in South Carolina, at least in my area. The sun came out heavy, began to melt everything as they day wore on and by 4 pm in the afternoon there wasn't a stitch of snow to be seen.. but it was fun while it lasted!
I hope you enjoyed my little tour.


  1. I love all the photos of the snow. I was looking forward to there being some near enough to go see this past weekend, but it did not happen. So glad to have you following me!

  2. Wow, Robyn you took some great pics!! So glad you were able to get out and take some! We were stuck in the hotel at the marriage conference and they did not give us any time to go out and look at it!!! It figures that the one snow we get where we can actually see it that I wouldn't be able to be out in it, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your ice and snow. Up North, we are definitely sick of it, but I know it is a real treat for southerners. We're just so over it and ready for warmer weather. Your pictures are just lovely and I'm sure it was a treat to get to take them since it's a rare occurrence.

  4. Ps--my chalkboard came framed already from ebay

  5. We just look at the photos of snow and giggle...not in a mean way...it's just a little envious only that much? Only that cold?

    But then I realize that it's cold for your part of the world, and somewhere someone is looking at what we get and saying, only that little, only that cold.


  6. You got some great photos! I love seeing it in the treetops! And it IS fun to have some in the South! Not this far South though! heehee! Enjoy your week!

  7. Lovely photos of the snow in the early morning light! Glad you enjoyed the snow. They are predicting 2 snow storms here in the Midwest. One tomorrow night and Friday and then again on Sunday and Monday.


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