March 26, 2013

My Mantle..

A few years ago, OK more than a few, I got this wild idea.. I really stole the idea from my old neighbors my brain doesn't work that fast.  Our fireplace mantle was white. Its what the builder put in. I got tired of looking at it and I saw what my neighbors had done. They bought this spray paint that makes whatever you put it on look like concrete. I liked! that idea. I went out and bought a dark gray color because at the time our walls were a very light color. When it was done it looked really nice.. Then a few years later, I decided we needed to pain the den. I wanted a different more rich color on the walls so now the den and the fireplace looked like this.. 

Yeah not the best looking color combo.. Well, finally about two weeks ago I couldn't stand it anymore and I wanted to get rid of this dark color because I also plan on repainting the walls again in the near future. I don't know what color the walls would be but you can't go wrong with white right?..So I got to work. 

Taped everything up and got to painting.. It took three coats but I finally finished it. 

While I still don't like the wall color anymore I do however like the mantle much better in white.. Next week I think I'll go down to Lowes and look at some paint colors for the walls.. 


  1. Love the white! It looks beautiful :)

  2. Well, they say everything comes full circle-----even if it does take three coats of paint to do it! lol Love it white, too- xo Diana

  3. White is perfect. It pops off the wall!

  4. Can't ever go wrong with white. I like your mantel much better now and it looks larger than before. Anxious to see what color you paint the walls.
    How is Bailey doing?

  5. When you first said that you got tired of looking at the white mantle I had to snicker. I had my basement mantle painted white. I have been wanting a white mantle ever since I left mine in my previous home. Then I saw that you went back to white. I love it! Really brightens the room up. Curious to see what color you choose for the walls.

  6. Love the white too! My mantel is oak and I'd love to paint it! Maybe this summer... so much to do!

  7. Spring is such a time for change, it seems like we wake up and look around and decide what can I make better out of what I have.

    Great job.



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