March 19, 2013

Needing A Little Spring...

My gosh I've become such a whiner lately but not about the usual things I whine about.. LOL.. I need SPRING!.. but alas, Spring is playing with me this year. This past weekend it was in the 80's and now this week we'll be in the 50's windy, some rain which will make it raw and down into the 30's at night.. Yeah, I've had enough of this.. I can tell you what I do NOT miss about Spring in the South though.. The Pollen!..Yeah, that ugly yellow green coating on everything and for an allergy sufferer like me, it's horrid. This past Saturday, Deena came to clean my house and it looked so nice when she was done.. Then on Sunday I had the windows open because it was just so nice out, forgetting about the pollen.. HUGE mistake.. This morning, I looked around my house, and everything, I mean every flat surface in my house is covered in pollen! I've spent the entire afternoon cleaning it all up and Im not done.. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper at the moment but what does make me happy.... is this...

Easter is coming! So I finally decided to do a little decorating here and there in my home to make myself feel a little better.. 

This is on our front door. I had a bunch of these made up for different holidays throughout the year. 

Sorry the lighting is so bad.. I love this little bunny rabbit wreath. Sometimes I keep her up all summer. She's just too cute to take down but this year I put her on the French doors off our kitchen. 

Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit with a ceramic bowl filled with marble eggs. 

This is an old small topiary tree my mom made me many years ago out of little Easter eggs.. It's seen better days but because it came from my mom I can't bear to part with it.. The two little things next to it are two small bunny bean bags. These were my moms also.

I put some marble eggs in my pants around the house.

This is my gardening bunny.. I just love him

This is part of the small Easter village my mom had bought me many years ago. 
This is the Toy Shop.

The other part of my Easter village.. This is the church.

This is a cute little Easter egg Cart that goes with the village. Don't pay attention to the old photo of me and Mr. Lou.. LOL

Have you decorated for Easter or Spring or both? Do you plan too? 


  1. Cute Easter decorations. I have not put up one Easter decoration. I've been too busy cleaning out my mom's apartment as she is in the nursing home now.

  2. hey, don't your doggies get jealous of all those bunnies hopping around? lol

  3. Cute pictures, Robyn. You are way ahead of me- I dragged a few bunnies out and a few flowers and that is about as far as I got. How's your "baby" doing today? Cute pic of you and Mr.Lou-you make a cute couple! xo Diana


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