March 25, 2013

Weekend Review and Fragmented Thoughts..

Usually on Mondays I give a review of my past weekend and I will today but if you notice, I have also included in the title of this post "Fragmented Thoughts".. Have you ever had a day or days, where your head is just buzzing with so many thoughts that trying to pull them all together sometimes is close to impossible? Kind of like trying to put a puzzle together but none of the pieces fit together? Well, thats a little bit how I have been feeling the last few days..Ladies? If you understand the 'hormone cycle' then this will make perfect sense to you.. Men ? You wouldn't have a clue and any females under the age of 30? Hang in there, you'll understand all too soon..

Moving on...I have lots of words for you today but not a lot of photos.. Sorry about that...So, what did I do this weekend? Well, really... a whole lot of nothin...Sometimes you need to do just a whole lot of nothin..

Saturday, I went to the Palm Sunday Vigil Mass at my parish. St. James..

This photo was taken two weeks ago. The altar has been changed since then..For my non - Catholic friends, a Palm Sunday Vigil Mass is the Mass on Saturday night.. If Catholics attend the Saturday evening Masses then that fulfills our Sunday Mass obligation.. I go to the Saturday Mass for a number of reasons but mostly because the time, 4:30 pm is the best time for me out of all the weekend Mass times.. It was a beautiful Mass and Mr Lou was able to come with me for the first time since his surgery in November. Until yesterday, he was unable to sit for too long and kneeling was out of the question. We came home after Mass, fed all the dogs, and then sat down and watched last Sundays episode of "The Bible" that we DVR'd.. Anyone watching that? What do you think?

My dear Mr Lou has been on steroids now for seven days. Basically what happened was the Dr. for some unknown reason changed his antibiotic a little over a week ago when he saw on the X ray that Mr Lou was recovering well from the pneumonia hes had almost a month now. Well within 3 days of changing the antibiotic we were back in the Dr's office because he was getting sicker again. So he put him back on the antibiotic that was working asinine move to change it to begin with, plus 40 mg's of steroids for seven days..Mr Lou by Saturday night hadn't slept much in three days and the steroids have him buzzing around here like a NASCAR race at 300 mph. Example : Saturday night at approximately 11pm ET, Mr Lou was in the kitchen making home made cream puffs and cream filled cupcakes from scratch.. Nuff said..

I slept in until 9 am.. Mr Lou (who was still awake) brought me some scrambled eggs in bed and I didn't get out of bed until 930 am.. Haven't done that in a while but it kind of felt good.. Mr Lou also fed almost all the dogs, except for Onyx and Bailey because they refuse to eat for anyone but me. It rained, no it poured all morning on Sunday so I don't know if it was the day, or how I am feeling (not too physically well) or both but by 11 am I was looking to go back to bed  and so, I did.. I fell asleep around 1230 pm and didn't get up until 330 pm. I wasn't very hungry so I just made myself a egg over easy and left it at that. I also watched the NASCAR race.. If you've been reading my blog for a while you know thats our Sunday afternoon ritual from February until October. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series unless of course the race is on a Saturday night..

My oldest nephew called me who lives in New Jersey and who used to look like this...

but now looks like this..

Yes, he's a police officer in New Jersey now.. We had a nice chat. How I miss him..It's been quite a few years since I've seen him but I love when he calls me on a Sunday morning and we get a chance to catch up..I helped raised this young man. We are not far apart in age . Only 15 years and now that he's older our relationship, while I am still his Aunt and he shows me the respect I deserve in that capacity we're also friends..he is part of my heart.. 

I worked a bit on my knitting project. I only have another 4 blocks to finish, one to fix an then I can put it all together and show you what I've made for my friend.

This pretty much sums up my weekend..

As to my fragmented thoughts. They look a bit like this

- I know I have to sit down and make a monthly meal plan for next month but eh, don't feel like it now..

- I know I have to go through my pantries, freezers and refrigerator to see what I have on hand already that I can use next month but eh, don't feel like it now.

- I know I have to sit down and make a shopping list for food next month and one for Costco but eh, don't feel like it right now.

- I know I have to sit down and make our financial budget for next month but eh, yeah, you know the rest.

- My birthday is in April, I know what I want, we have an extra check coming in so I can afford to get what I want but maybe I should put it off because there are other things I can use that money for such as, helping to pay down credit card debt, getting a couple of dogs into the vet for various needs, putting a little something in the savings account or the sad excuse we have for a savings account

-I would love to be able to get my hair cut and colored but do I really want to spend the money? Yes I do, but no I don't..I really need to replace the chain on my neck before I lose my moms gold pendant but do I really need to do that right now? After all, I could just not wear it until I can more comfortably afford to replace the chain but heck, I wait all the time and spend all our money on bills and everyone else's wants, when do my wants come into play? yes, selfish, I know.

So as you can see, lots of fragmented thoughts popping and swirling around in the vast craziness I call my brain..

And how was YOUR weekend?

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  1. LOL-Well, I wish I had gotten some of your sleep!;>) Sounds like Mr.L is feeling better and that is good. I hope the steroids help him now. Glad your nephew called. It is wonderful to have that special relationship with him. I have lots of those fragmented thoughts, too. Hopefully, they will all fall into place in short order. Blessings- have a good week- xo Diana


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