March 11, 2013

Weekend Review...

Our weekend was a pretty quiet one.. For the most part they usually are.. Saturday I didn't do much of anything.. Mr. Lou is still dealing with Pneumonia for the third week. Im so glad we see the doctor for him again this coming Tuesday so we can see whats going on in his lungs.. Although he's feeling a bit better he still has it and I'm not happy about that..So if you will, please say some prayers we get good news on Tuesday.. 

Because Mr Lou was feeling a bit better he decided on Saturday he would clean up his much neglected fish tank.. It fell into neglect because of his back problems and major surgery in November of 2012 and as for me taking care of it, Im no good with fish tanks. I don't know the first thing about them so it was looking pretty sad for a long time but not anymore.. 

These two parrot fish have been in here forever. I am convinced they would survive 'the bomb" along with all the plastic in the world. Mr Lou cleaned everything up really well and added some new fishies. Which I named but beats me if I can really tell the difference between them. It was fun at first though..LOL

I will have to take a better photo one day so you can see the whole thing.. The lighting was less than optimal in the living room today.. 

On Sunday, unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to Mass. I began to sneeze alot, I mean A LOT a few days ago and by Saturday night I wasn't feeling well at all and when my alarm went off at 530 am Sunday morning my body was layin down the law.. There was no way I was getting out of bed, hitting the shower and making it to Mass by 8 am or any other time for that matter..I actually didn't get out of bed until around 915 am which is late for me but some days the body gets what the body demands even if I don't want to comply and Sunday thats just what happened.. I did manage to get in the shower around 1030 am and the Lord gave us an absolutely beautiful day! 

Such a beautiful blue sky.. This is looking out my back door towards the next street over.. 

65 degrees gorgeous blue sky.. This is taken from my front door looking toward the end of my street...

This is a tree on my front lawn and it's just beginning to bud.. I don't know if you can see those little round white buds..Yeah, ignore the mess on the bottom. That all needs to be cleaned out. A lot of those little bushes in there actually burned up in the sun last year because we had such a horrifically dry and hot summer last year. Ironically when we planted this we had no idea just how allergic I am to this kind of tree and they are everywhere in South Carolina so there's no gettin away from them. They do look pretty when they are in full bloom.. C'mon spring!!

I layed down for about an hours nap in the afternoon and when I got up Mr. Lou an I did our Sunday afternoon ritual.. You guessed it, the Sprint Cup NASCAR race.. Our guy, Jimmie Johnson didn't win this week but thats OK, there's always next week! 

Mr. Lou also made his famous New York Style Crumb Cake which came out delicious!.. Maybe he'll let me share his recipe..

Yeah, YUM!!

The rest of the night was rounded out by relaxing, praying and reading..

How was your weekend?


  1. It sounds like you had a good weekend even though you didn't feel well. At least your fish are happy campers now. I hope that your hubby's appt. goes well. That is a long time to be sick. It is looking like Spring in your area-wish we had some of that here. Have a great week- xo Diana

  2. It sounds like a great weekend despite waking up sneezing! Sorry to hear that Mr. Lou is sick with the flu and I will be praying for a good report from the Drs.
    Have a wonderful week Robyn!


  3. We drove a couple of hours to The Honey's sisters house. She lets us stay the night when He has to be at the V.A.hosp. early in the morning.
    She has been so nice to let us stay with her since his heart attack in 2011...
    She saves us the expense of getting a hotel room. Plus she spoils us with great home cooking and desserts!
    This week ...enchiladas, rice and beans, and Caramel Apple pie with ice cream. Not too much, the Honey had to fast for the morning!
    She and her husband watch Duck we finally got to see what the fuss was about that show!
    We loved it! I laughed so hard at those red-necks!

    have a great week Robyn!



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