March 12, 2013

What a Difference An Hour Makes..

My goodness, it surely did for me!.. Sunday I was all messed up with the time change.. I was an hour behind in everything..I don't know why but in the last few years the time change has really been bothering me. Is it a 'getting older thing?"
It never used to bother me before but in these last few years it takes me a few days to 'get with it'.. I really am starting to believe that time changes really need to go.. Personally, I think we should stick to an hour more of daylight and never change the clocks again.. What do you think? Has the time change affected you in any way?


  1. Hello! Actually for me I LOVE it when the time changes in the spring (don't like the Fall one!) as I love the extra day light. I am a morning person in the first place, so I don't struggle with getting less sleep. Somehow I seem to stay awake and active longer when it is lighter later too...just all around, I like it. Weird I know! haha Hope you had a good day!

  2. I've noticed the same thing over the last few years. I hate to say it's a getting older thing, I'd rather say, it's all the distractions.
    Yeah...that's my story. LOL...

    I was the same way this past Sunday and Monday...I was wiped out. It didn't help matters that we were at the Honey's sister's house staying over for a trip to the doctor early in the morning. So I was out of my own element too.

    take care, hope you catch up! Pat

  3. It's hard on me this year. I went to bed a little earlier last night but STILL got up an hour late! lol It takes a few days to get in the groove! Sweet hugs!


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