April 5, 2013

Are You Prepared?....

Lately I've seen a lot of discussion about "stockpiling'. Everything from food, water, medicines, batteries etc...I know there's also some kind of show on TV too about people called "preppers". Supposedly they are preparing for when 'dooms day' strikes'... While I am not quite at 'that' level yet and must admit at first I thought that stockpiling food etc was a bit over the top. My thoughts have changed on that and I'll tell you why..

Yes, this will probably be a bit of a rant but it's something I need to say.
Our economy tanked in 2008. It is now 2013 and thanks to the presidents failed policies and never ending spending we are even worse off now than we were then and NOW, he has decided he wants big banks to start lending to people who have bad credit... AGAIN... Now correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't THAT how this whole mess started?!?!?!? This presidents platform was based on 'fixing' the economy.. Well he's fixed it alright and now he wants to take us BACK to that same mess and this time? It will be MUCH worse..So the people I know who are stockpiling, Im getting ready to be right there next to you.. 

No this isn't mine but I wouldn't mind if it were. 

Lets take a look at some facts. You see what has happened in Cypress? Do you think that can't happen here? If you do, please get your head out of the sand, we are halfway there. If our economy completely collapses ( and our government is showing they think it may, more on that in a moment) food will be scarce within a few days. Shelves at the grocery will be empty, water jugs, milk, eggs, all the staples will be gone. Banks will shut their doors and people will not be able to get money which, if we have a total economic collapse it won't matter anyway because the dollar which has depreciated so much already will be worth nothing. What will you do then? How will you feed your family? How will you survive? 
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My advice to you is begin now. I don't know if it will happen or when but I do know something bad is coming down the road rather soon. Be it natural disaster, war on the home land, economic collapse but yes, something is coming. I can feel it in the air and in my gut and my gut is never wrong. There are many websites and blogs out there that teach you how to begin.

I said up above that I believe our government is also thinking or should I say preparing for something big as well. Why do I say that? Our government has a few months ago begun to stockpile these... 
Yep, thats what you see.. The government has begun to stockpile ammunition!..  
Now, why do you think that would be? Are you really going to believe it has to do with some of these terrible massacres that have taken place? Do you really think and believe it has to do with all these gun laws the federal government and some states are trying to and have passed?..C'mon now, don't be naive ..
A government usually only stockpiles ammunition and weapons for one reason..and that reason is "civil unrest"... What do you think will happen if our economy collapses? When the food and water run out, when the power grids are down? People will be out in the street in a matter of hours lurking to pillage anything they can get their hands on. Martial law will be enacted...Have any of you recently tried to purchase a gun and some ammo? You may have noticed how difficult it is. Wait, it's going to become even more difficult once these federal gun laws are passed.

Now you may think I am being paranoid and maybe I am a little bit but I also think I am being reasonable as well in the face of the state of our country at the moment and its looking like things will only get worse..
on the chance I may be right, we will be purchasing a few more guns for our home which is my constitutional right.. 

A woman whose blog I read faithfully wrote an excellent blog post about what she is doing and why yesterday. I highly recommend you take a look at it. She is quite a bit older than I and has much much more life experience than I do and Mr Lou and I would be fool not to take her advice. Here is her link to visit. 

So what about you? How do you feel about whats been said here? Do you agree? Do you respectfully disagree? Are you a stockpile person or plan to become one?

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  1. So glad you posted this.
    I agree with so much of it.
    thanks too for linking Frugal Makes Cents...I've been wanting to read those articles...
    So again thanks for the reminder. There are so many blogs out there that teach Emergency Preparedness and Economics...hers is one blog I like, thought lately it's been hit and miss with some blogs.
    I think you mentioned in a post before this one...about time on the internet. I feel the same way.
    I think there just aren't enough hours in the day to do the gardening, chicken raising, babysitting, cooking, cleaning, BUDGETING...AND EMERGENCY PREPPING!!!

    I enjoyed these posts.
    I don't think your are paranoid.
    And...there is a shortage of guns and ammo here for sure.
    I'm also working on Stocking a Pantry.


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