April 25, 2013

Blown Budget....

Wow! When it rains it pours doesn't it!...I had my budget all set in the beginning of the month.. Everything was down to the penny and here it is almost the end of the month and my budget is completely screwed up..

Since the Man hasn't been able to do much in almost three years because he spent that time, when he could walk, walking around at an almost 90 degree angle because of his back.. Basically his face was always looking at the ground and almost touching his knees. I had to employ a landscaper. We live on a half acre of land and if I were healthier I'd of done it myself but alas, I am not so I needed help..

Well praise be to God, the surgery in November of 2012 has helped tremendously and the Man can now do our yard work again. He had to get our ride on mower going again and our tiller needed to get going too. They've been sitting for almost four years. As you can imagine, neither one wanted to work and they were in super hurting condition. Down here in the South it rains alot in April and May and because we warm up quickly the lawn grows like wildfire..

I can't tell you how many times the Man has been back and forth to the parts place for this that and the next thing but it's been a lot.. Money I did 'not' plan on spending so its not in the budget for the month.. Then, the TV in my bedroom needed to be fixed.

A month ago our cable company had a problem one night and all the cable boxes in the house blew out for a moment or two at the same time.. Well along with the boxes it also blew out my HDMI board inside of my TV..The Man went back and forth with the cable company and he finally got a man on the phone who agreed to pay for the repairs but they had to be done this month so they could put it in 'their  budget' (cough) AND we had to lay out the money first and then they would reimburse us within 3 days. I ended up paying out .. wait for it, wait for it... $351.00!! No, I did not expect it to be that much.. The man from the cable company stopped by on Monday to pick up the bill and said we'd have a check back by Wednesday, thats TWO days..

(Cough) by Friday, no check. The Man was fuming.. He called the other man at the cable company and was not very nice and Friday afternoon there was a knock on the door. It was the cable man with a check but it was (cough) $100.00 short!.. So now I have to wait a few days or so I'm told so he can have another check cut and he'll bring it over.. He was sorry the 'girl' made a mistake.. I said I'm sure you are, will you be Okay when I am 'sorry" next month and I send my bill in late and maybe only half?..

So Aprils budget from what I can tell is down the tubes. I have not sat down and run the numbers and honestly? I don't have it in me yet to do so.. I"ll get too it...eventually......


  1. It's always something!

  2. Definitely just get it over with. The longer you wait, the worse it seems to become and the more anxiety it causes. At least knowing, you can move forward with it and plan to accommodate. This is why I think that for right now, you should just pay minimums on your cards and get that EF up fast. At least a lot of these were things outside of your control, so don't feel too bad. They are always around the corner, and I'm genuinely surprised that the cable company even agreed to pay up. Most would just say that's your issue and replace the boxes and that's that.

  3. I hate when things come that you are not prepared for! Although, my husband will tell you that I blow the budget every month!

  4. Pat yourself on the back for having a budget; most do not. As to the cable company, my attitude is everyone lies and I'm seldom disappointed. I've been dealing with a company for a year, trying to finish Dave's estate. Each month they have an excuse...the SAME excuse...never changes. This week I'm going to go to their offices and sit in their lobby until I get a better result.


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