April 27, 2013

Cleaning Out ....

If you read my post about Falling Of The Wagon then you know I went shopping and bought some new clothes for the summer. I bought two dresses, well I bought one dress and my friends Linda and Bill bought me the other one for my birthday. 

I also bought about six new tops but even though I had fallen off the wagon with the credit card I did however finally, shop smart. I tried everything on, made sure it fit and that I liked it on me. I never used to do that. I would just say "Oh I like that" and throw it in the cart. The majority of the time when I got it home, I didn't like how it looked on me but was too lazy to return it so it just sat in my closet unworn. 

Last Saturday I went onto EBAY to see if I could sell some of the mounds of clothing I have and it seems if your clothes aren't designer, high end clothes they simply do not sell. So no use in listing on EBAY and paying fees for something that won't sell. Instead, I went to town and cleaned out my closet yet again. I then called my neighbor who is a few years younger than I and has 2 daughters and gave the clothes to them. 

Here is what I cleaned out.. 

Yep, FOUR LARGE trash bags full to the brim with clothes I either never wore or only wore a handful of times.. Sad isn't it? 

I left myself with only the clothing I KNOW I will wear and have worn many times..

As you can see I still have plenty of clothes. The winter clothes are in the back and all the summer tops are from the middle to the front. Excuse the handbag mess on top. That will be the next thing I clean out..

Next is only the pants and jean I wear
The bag rack going across is all my sweat suits and winter coats and sweatshirt jackets. 

And in the front are my dresses I wear along with some lightweight sweaters for when it's really cold in church or somewhere else because the air conditioning no matter where you go is always blasting.. I usually wear mostly dresses in the summer. It gets so hot here in the South that for me dresses are the lightest and the easiest thing to wear on hot sticky humid days..

Then I did a tiny bit of freezer cooking. Since it's only the Man I don't have to cook much. This meat loaf will give me three dinners for him and the meat balls I will get 4 dinners out of.. 

And the cake? Eh, that was just because I love the Man..

German Chocolate cake with Chocolate icing. 

Pretty nice dinner eh? 

T'was a busy day but a productive one.. 


  1. It must feel so good to clean out your closet Robyn! And you still have lots of pretty clothes left. I now that lots of people sell clothes at yard sales and make a little money. I had a big yard/garage sale once and made about $300, so that was a good day! That chocolate cake looks scrumptious! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  2. You have been busy! Bet your closet looks and feels better to you.

  3. Kudos to you for giving those clothes away. Every Spring and Fall I purge my tiny wardrobe and give away the clothes I either didn't use, or didn't like (as long as they're in good condition). They're all donated, and I'm embarrassed to say there has been a few still with the tag attached! I'm sure your neighbor and her daughters appreciated that. Your closet will feel a lot lighter this season! Keep up the good work. The cake looks awesome.

  4. Great idea to give the clothes away and I am sure your friends appreciated it. The only thing I ever had luck selling on eBay were Coach purses - one of my expensive tastes in the past. Those did sell but I never tried clothes. I understand eBay now charges more in fees than in the past so it was wise of you to find a different way to get the clothes out of the house.

  5. When we moved from a large home to our very small cottage (2,000 sq ft to 750 sq ft), I kept saying, "It's easier to Simply then to Organize".
    How many pairs of jeans do you really need, I kept asking myself. The same with T-shirts.

    So now I have only two pair of jeans. I decide what colors I wanted to wear and got rid of all the other colors. I did't worry about getting rid of anything because if I NEEDED anything, I could go a buy it.
    It is soooooooo FREEING!!!

    Congratulations and keep going.

  6. Wow, I really need to do the same thing with my clothes! You did a great job on yours, I needed some inspiration :)

  7. I'm still trying to clean out Dave's clothes then will have to start on mine. I hate it; it's just one more thing needing to be done that I hate.

  8. Great job on the clothes purge!! I've seriously been thinking about giving away everything (clothing-wise) but two pants, two skirts and several T shirts.


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