April 20, 2013

Into The River...

Yep.. Thats exactly what happened.. I fell off the wagon so hard I rolled right into the river.. What river you ask? The river of credit card debt..

Before I get to that I'll just share a bit of why I didn't post on Friday.. Thursday was my 43rd birthday.. I had a very nice day.. I'm a simple person. Not into loud celebrations etc. So the Man took over all the chores for the day for me. (there are a lot). He brought me some scrambled eggs in bed for breakfast. I stayed in bed until 9 am (late for me).. Took a shower when I got up, picked up my gal pal Linda and off to shopping we went.. My brother and sister in law called me from NJ and their three kids who are the lights of my heart also all called me as well. All in all, I had a very nice 43rd birthday..

Like a lot of people, I was glued to the television all of Friday because of what was happening with the suspects of the Boston Marathon Bombing. I woke up all through the night and the TV news was on so I would listen a little, pray a little and go back to sleep..I also spent alot of the day praying for all the victims of the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas as well. So as for blogging on Friday? My mind was just not here..

Now, as to my falling off the wagon an into the river.. Well, simply put, I emotionally shopped and I did it on my birthday.. I only started paying down debt a few months ago, I 'thought' I had a handle on it and it reared it's ugly head and pulled me right back down again.. I ended up putting $246.00 on my Goody's card that I had almost paid off. I know I know, please be kind, I've already berated myself enough over it but as of today I am looking at it as, Okay, I did it, I regret it, move on, don't do it again, get back up on the horse and start again..

What causes me to 'emotional spend" well, thats a long story for another post which I will share with you but suffice it to say, I was (still?) a shopaholic for a long time. I also got some news last week that pretty much dashed hopes that I had and I just well, I just lost it.. As I said, I will post on that next so you can see the bigger picture.. When I do please know I do not ask for pity, I do not ask for excuses, Im just putting it out there to keep myself honest and let those of you who are following along know the whole story..

Before I close, I want to give a HUGE shout out and thank you to my friend Sandra from Thistle Cove Farms blog for mentioning me on her blog on Friday..Pop on over by her..I adore Sandra and her blog and I think you will too..

Have you fallen off your paying down debt wagon? Care to share why and how you climbed back on?


  1. And this is why I stay home and no longer go anywhere because it's scary out there and temptation is a b*tch. But really, it happens. You just start over. I can tell you that after two years of trying to be very diligent and pay down our debt, I still do not allow myself to walk into a Target because i know who I still am underneath it all. You're doing just fine! Happy Bday!!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday, girl!!!! I hear you. We were in serious debt when we lived in FL years ago. We moved down there for a job that didn't work out and were left with 4 little kids and a mother with dementia. If it hadn't been for credit cards we would not have had milk. Eventually, we started making good money, kept ONE credit card that we used and slowly paid off the others. We have never been in credit card debt like that since. It is scary-as you have found out.

    So, you just pick yourself back up and get back on the no-spend wagon and off you go. It helps to find something to do that doesn't require buying. That's what I had to do. Hope you have a great day and don't beat yourself up any more!!!!

    I will be anxious to hear the rest of your story, Robyn. I am so sorry that you have suffered one of life's disappointments. We're never ready for that- xo Diana

  3. Happy Birthday, Robyn. Sounds like a good day of celebrating even with doing some shopping and credit card charging. I will tell you, though, that we all do this. Nobody is perfect nor can we strive for that. If you were to tell yourself that you could NEVER again buy anything, what kind of life would that be. You just need to start out the next day working on your plan and go on from there. There will be times (a birthday, a disappointment, whatever) that will cause an overspend but that is nothing to berate yourself for. You are doing great and those debts will disappear. I'm there myself; a smidgen more of debt than you have but nothing like I had years ago. It can be done and we both will do it. Good luck.

  4. Robyn, stop beating yourself up and...take that stuff back to Goody. Yeah, you can take stuff back...do it! That "stuff" isn't worth the pounding you're giving yourself and, probably, isn't worth what you charged anyway. ouch. You are still loved, you are still lovable. God loves you with an everlasting love and underneath are His everlasting arms.
    Happy Birthday! We share April birthdays, I didn't realize. My birthday was quiet...took some money my Mom and Sistah sent me and thrift store shopped. I bought a couple of things for myself and something for my nephew; nothing like spending MY birthday money on someone else, eh? grin
    As to falling off the debt paying wagon...yep, been there, done that. When I met Dave B, my husband, he taught me SO much about money...it's supposed to be a tool, not a weapon; the LOVE of money is the root of all evil -as the Good Book says- and when I control my money, it doesn't control me...nice!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet girlfriend! I wish you wouldn't be so hard on yourself and could just enjoy what you bought on your special day. It's more of a long term plan and you're doing great! Don't worry about one shopping spree...on your birthday! Try to enjoy each and every day and be happy with yourself. I'm proud of you! Sweet birthday hugs!


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