April 30, 2013

Putting Myself Out There...VLOG...

So here it is, Im putting myself out there.. Am I a little afraid to? Yes. But I need to remember that those who will judge or be mean is a reflection of who they are and not who I am.. So without further ado.......


  1. You're a beauty! So glad to hear your voice. I'm sorry that you have so many haters that follow you, that's terrible. As awful as my vlog was, I didn't get anyone saying anything mean, the blog community is full of warm, caring, compassionate people so I'm really surprised that you've been experiencing this.

  2. Hi Holly,
    I haven't experienced it in the blog community but I did in the past experience it in the YouTube community and as I said on my blog, I have some disfigurement because of being sick that as of right now I have no control over, and well some people are just really really mean..Thank you SO much for watching the video. You don't know how much I appreciate it and you!

  3. I'm impressed that you can do a "Volg".
    I have tried to put a You-Tube on my blog, and has success but was hard.
    As far as your content, you have courage and a HUGE heart.

  4. This was great Robyn. I have never seen a VLOG and to be honest, even though I have blogged for about 5 years on my genealogy blog, I didn't even know what VLOG was until you explained. You did a wonderful job and you are beautiful. I already knew from following your blog that you are a Christian person and that you have a good heart. You are a fine example of someone leading their life fully despite illness. I have suffered with severe digestive problems since I was 14 (am now 64) so a long time and I understand the challenges you have with your swallowing, etc. It isn't fun but you are finding ways to cope. Please keep up the VLOG and your blog is the first one I check every morning. I'm going through some stressful financial issues right now that are very trying for me and I appreciate your candor on your own financial issues as well.

    1. Juliane
      I would love to reply to your comment by email but it's not listed. If you post it I can send you an email.. Thank you so so very much for being so kind

  5. Great job! I've never seen a VLOG unless that's everything on You Tube? You did great and now I know why I don't see you smiling in your picture. I understand totally as there was a time in my life where I covered my mouth every time I smiled and if you knew me....that was a lot! LOL! It would have been easier to wear a mask! LOL! I too have 3 chronic diseases that I've had for years and never mention but I understand where you're coming from. It was so great to hear your voice and really get to know you better. I admire you and I think you look great! I wish I looked as good as you but I also love me as I am whether anyone else does or not. That's the great part about getting old and I'll be 65 this year...you don't really care what others think although I've always stood out from the crowd and was a loner most of my life. I was blessed with very strong and independent female role models in my family so I had lots of encouragement. thank you for sharing yourself with us and don't apologize for anything! You go girlfriend! I've been away from here as my son was visiting but I'm back now! TTYL!

  6. Are you insane? you are hot, and I am not trying to be funny or fake, I have been reading your blog for a few months, I am 40 year old male and I really enjoy reading what you write, but you are HOT!!!

  7. sweet lady and sweet, from-the-heart video :)

  8. You are beautiful and brave! And right before you mentioned your "hair wasn't done" I was thinking "her hair is so pretty!". Good job on the video and you've probably inspired other's who have disabilities or problems like you to not worry so much what others think.

  9. I just wanted to thank everyone for all your feedback and for all of your so VERY kind and loving comments.. You could never know what it means to me.. Thank you SO SO much!

  10. Robyn-
    I am just now getting to see this post. I've been out of pocket this past week...and not blogging much and making my usual rounds.
    I know you are ill and have had some problems.
    I said before in another comment that I know what it is like to suffer from debilitating health issues. I've noticed there are some blogs out there that some women talk about their health...but it's like people don't want to read that. Few followers, you know?
    Also... I think it is important to get the word out and connect with others a Vlog in my opinion is pretty real! So whether some one is healthy, sick, picture perfect, disfigured, red-neck or yankee; I think vlogging is as real as it gets! We all have a voice and something to say that helps us to relate to others...and we're all looking for others to connect with, that's why we blog (or vlog)
    I say, you're already comfortable enough with who YOU are and if YOU want to put these videos up on your blog...then you should. Just like you said, the people that don't want to hear it can click away; the haters...are just people looking for approval in the wrong place and that is no reflection on you.
    haters are people too...they don't think they need our love as Christians...but they do. More than anything--we can pray for them and like you said...love them.
    As Christians are without excuse...God calls us to love one another, love our neighbors, and love our enemy and pray for those who persecute us.
    That's all we can do girl!

    Keep up the good work.


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