April 1, 2013

The Weekend That Wasn't and More...

First let me say, A very Blessed Easter Season to all my readers...and secondly, forgive me for not blogging in almost a week..the reasons for this were and are..

Last week was Holy Week for almost all Christians. 

I say almost because the Orthodox are on a different calendar. They still follow the Julian Calendar while we follow the Gregorian calendar so that puts Holy Week and Easter for the Orthodox in April sometime.

Anyway, I try and spend as much of Holy Week in prayer, especially Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. For me and I would expect for many Christians these three days are difficult for us as we mourn the betrayal  the arrest, the scourging, the Crucifixion and the death of our Lord Jesus. Then we spend Saturday in hopeful waiting knowing that on Easter Sunday our Lord has risen from the dead. He has truly risen. Christ is the light that has overcome the darkness. It is a joyous day.

My plans for this weekend were, Sunday Mr Lou and I were to attend Mass in the morning and then we had invited our neighbors Bill and Linda over for dinner.

On the menu was, A beautiful ham, candied yams, string bean casserole, and Linda made a gorgeous strawberry shortcake for desert.

My favorite cherry tree in the yard even bloomed for our Lord and for me just for today..

I even had the table set early.. See...

And then it hit.......the dreaded sinus migraine around 1 pm.. I thought if I laid down and took a nap after taking some medication it would be gone when I got up. At 330 pm it was still there and worse than before so unfortunately, I had to call Bill and Linda and cancel dinner at the last minute. I am hoping to have a do over tonight..

I also did not get to church Easter morning which bothered me more than anything else. My allergies have had me feeling pretty sick for the last week or so. I am in the process of trying to get into an allergist but it's not come soon enough . Thats the other reason I have not blogged. My allergies are so bad this year, worse than they ever were that I am literally a hot, itchy mess. 

So, it was the weekend that wasn't.. I surely hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful and blessed Easter weekend!. 


  1. I am so sorry you were sick for Easter weekend, Robyn. Hopefully you can get on some sinus meds and they will help tremendously- xo Diana

  2. I'm so sorry you feel bad! I hope you can have the do over for your dinner party. Feel better soon! ((Hugs))

  3. Sorry to hear your Easter was spoiled by a sinus headache. Allergies are terrible in the spring.

  4. I agree--the allergy stuff has been bad this year. Hope you get help with yours. Coffee, nasonnex (sp?), Claritin, and sudafed sp?, all help me if I take them together. Something funny happened today. I felt like a zombie--it was awful--I couldn't wake up and felt oppressed. It wasn't until around 1 today that I discovered my hubby had accidentally made decaf this morning! Man, once I got 2 cups of the real thing in my system along with some sudafed (I already had the other meds in me), I felt like an almost new person ;-). I can't wait until allergy season is gone!! I never feel clear in the head until it is passed, although some would say I am never clear headed, lol. We went to the Easter Vigil at the Cathedral in Charleston and it was awesome!! I felt like I was in heaven at the end when we sang the hymn with the organ , trumpets, choir, and the full church. Also it was so beautiful earlier as the sun was setting all (the lights were off inside the church) and the stained glassed windows became dramatic---exquisite. Then the processed in with the "light of Christ" and the incense and all the people and all of the candles the people in the congregation were holding were gradually lit until the whole Cathedral was in the soft glow from all the candles. It was so moving. Then it is always so great to see all of the people confirmed, etc. Such a blessing to be there!


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