April 18, 2013

To Ebay Or Not To Ebay.....

Hi everyone,

So that is the question.. Recently, like as recent as the weekend I managed to sell close to $192.00 worth of merchandise. Sounds good right.. Not so fast.. After I added up the fees Ebay charges and then added up the fees PayPal (who is also owned by Ebay) charges, I came out close to $162.00. Yes, it was $30.00 in fees between the two..

Ontop of that I still have to pay for shipping on one item and I have to purchase insurance at the post office for each item. Yes I charged shipping but, on Ebay you have to keep your shipping low because if you put it into the purchase price or you charge a high amount shipping you item will not sell and Ebay also charges you a fee for your shipping charges. Some racket huh?

I figure by the time all is said and done I will come out with approximately $150.00 which granted, isn't bad for items I didn't think would sell at all but my gosh $30.00 in fees and I listed these auctions on a day where there were no listing fees!...

So my question is, do you think it's really worth it to sell on Ebay?


  1. Hi

    Recently found your blog & think it is great!
    To me ebay is worth it. I recently started doing it a few months ago. I know the fees add up but I look it as it is their system & without it I would not make the sales, I do wish they would not take the fees out of the shipping charges though. I'm not working right now & the extra money I get from ebay really helps us a lot.

  2. I agree, I think it's a sacrifice you have to make to sell stuff. I wish there was another way to sell online without having to use Ebay.

  3. I personally think eBay is going a bit too far with the nickel and dime-ing. Getting fees for both eBay and Paypal (same company as you mentioned) is bad enough, but now they also have increased their fees, plus they still take a fee for shipping costs, instead of policing people who charge too much for shipping. The saddest part is that like every business of its kind, they start horribly cheap to crush and delete competition, then once they're gone, they hack up their prices a LOT. I don't sell often, but I know that the rest of the alternatives are just as expensive and less reliable.

  4. I guess it depends on what you are selling. If you have vintage or homemade items to sell, I would go with Etsy. Their fees are much lower and there is no auction. People just buy. If you have items to sell that aren't homemade or vintage, you could always try Craigslist, just be careful and don't trust anyone. I've sold things on ebay and the fees always tick me off but it's better than having the stuff laying around. Maybe a garage sale?

  5. I guess I would think of it as I have $150 more than I had before and got rid of stuff I didn't want or couldn't use.

  6. My DH and son have sold stuff (mostly race car parts) on ebay for years, but the fees, between ebay and paypal, have just gotten too much and they rarely sell on there anymore. They just do Craigslist or post their ad on the racing message boards

  7. I think you have to decide whether it is worth the effort to do what you do to sell the item. If you got $150 clear for items that you would have tossed or given to GW if you didn't sell them-(and it didn't take hours and hours of your time) then I think it would be worth it. xo Diana

  8. Hi Robyn - I don't know but am researching selling on-line. I want, no, make that need, to sell the farm and have a ton of stuff to sell. The on-line sites I'm researching are ebay, etsy, Craig's List, http://www.salehoo.com/blog/top-6-places-to-sell-online
    This site has a list of a LOT of sites...most I've never heard of:
    All this to say I don't have a clue. I admire you for going about it with a workmanlike effort.

  9. Robyn, talked about you today, Friday, on my blog; wanted you to know.

  10. I've never done Ebay so I can't comment on their fees, but I do use Etsy. It is still a lot of work and very little profit, plus they have restrictions on what you can sell. After several years of doing it, I have only broke even, so this will be my last year. It's just not worth all the time and effort.

  11. I have done e-bay for years and have made lots of money from it but it is getting harder and harder and definitely more expensive. But..with some things you just pay the fees and try not to think about it too much. I use the flat rate boxes as much as I can...and they even have forever flat rate boxes now! I don't sell anything under $10 now...just so not worth it after the fees and the trip to the post office. Having said all of that we have just had three huge yard sales in a row and did very good from them!...so my answer is do the best you can if you already have the stuff but I am done trying to buy and sell once I get rid of everything.


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