April 29, 2013

Weekend in Review plus....

Hi everyone

I know I usually put this post up on my Monday morning but umm, I actually have no idea why I didn't now that I think of it... I know on Sunday I was thinking about working on my blog but I think I have or had writers block because I couldn't think of anything to write about.. Does this happen to you  ? What do you do to get out of it..

Anyway, as for my weekend lets see, Saturday we had to go to *cringe* Walmart. The Man needed a new weedwacker. The one he had after not being used for almost 3 years, no matter how many parts he tried to replace it just wouldn't work.. So I said by the time you get done replacing parts you may as well buy a new one.. Course that was all he needed to hear..plus because his arm muscles are so out of shape the old one was very heavy and was hurting his arms a lot when he was trying to use it.. Off to Walmart...The Man found the one he wanted and I had to pick up some make-up.. Man, I'll tell ya, the make-up industry sure does have us women by the you know whats .. Even the cheap stuff isn't cheap anymore!.. Now I know I am trying to pay down debt, build a savings fund and all that and I have cut expenses where I can but, I can tell ya right now....

I will NOT cut back on my make-up. Ive had to give up a lot of things either because of money or my health and my make-up is the ONE thing that makes me feel human so that will NOT be on the chopping block. I know I may be judged for that but, so be it.. Oh and the Man took me shoe shopping on Saturday too. You see I have a rotten right foot. I call it my ugly step child foot(now don't go getting all offended, it's an old expression and Ive never been one to be politically correct) Anywhow, I have a VERY hard time finding any stylish summer shoes besides open flops because of my foot. I thought I'd stop in Payless and see what they had. Granted, I wasn't too enthusiastic because as I said, my right foot. But this time, I struck gold!.. Blow me down I was able to find three, count em, THREE pairs that actually were comfortable and didn't hurt my foot that I can actually wear.. Three may sounds excessive to some but when you have as hard a time finding shoes you can wear as I do, when you do find them you buy more than one.

On Sunday, What did I do on Sunday? *scratching head*.. Did I ever tell you I have a really bad short term memory? Yep, I do.. It's horrible at times.. I can't really remember what I did Sunday except that I know I wasn't feeling too well so I didn't go out anywhere. Maybe I cleaned up the house a little? Oh wait, now I remember! I once again, re-arranged the cabinet in my kitchen that holds all my glass bowls, plastic bowls and tops. I had done it not long ago and well obviously the system I had in place just was not working because everything was a MESS again and I couldn't find anything. Sorry, forgot to take photos. So now the cabinet is cleaned out and this time I took out of there anything I only use once in a while and stored it in the closet in the spare bedroom and NOW, I can find what I need when I need it.. That was the highlight of my day on Sunday.. Yeah I know,  I lead such an exciting life.

To all the other bloggers I have a question.. Do you Vlog Blog?.. yaknow, do video blogs? Some people wanted to know if I would do one and I am really unsure about it.. What do you think?


  1. Don't berate yourself on cosmetics and cripe you are getting them at WalMart not at some high priced place but you are right - even the WalMart products are not cheap.

    The shoes - I am with you on that, too. I have problems with my feet and have had really hard times finding shoes that work for me. Finally found Sketchers and they seem to do the trick. Found a pair last week at Kohl's for $47 and I had a $40 Kohl's cash coupon plus a 30% off so you can guess what the shoes came to. Pretty reasonable.

  2. Glad you found some shoes that fit! Yes, I did one Vlog. In it, I choked on my own spit and almost died. I posted it anyway, here it is: http://roo925.blogspot.com/2011/08/post-where-i-sing-you-lullaby-and.html

  3. Don't feel stressed and go with the flow when hit with writer's block. Perhaps share some tips or activities you are enjoying or looking forward to.

    As far as makeup... can't help there. I only use chapstick during the day. If that's something that you like, then I don't see why get rid of it. I have heard drugstores sell them for cheaper, or places like drugstore.com may run good specials.

    For shoes... I have tiny feet. 5.5~6. Most of my shoes are buried in the kid's sections, and it's hard to find comfortable shoes. I have 3 "full time" pairs of shoes. Besides that, I own maybe another 5 misc. pairs I use once or twice a year if that... maybe I should get rid of them, haha. I can totally relate to seeing a pair of shoes that fit well and look well, and you just have to snag it. Heck, get two of them! They don't come very often.

    But as always, do these things being conscious of your budget. If you have a $100 budget to spend, you may have to give here and there, but don't deprive yourself of what you want.

    1. I talk too much, don't I? But as far as the vlog, I don't have much of an opinion. I ramble too much to stay focused with one, but I think it could be a very fun experience.

  4. Great on the news shoes that fit and don't hurt...no bandwidth so I don't do vlogs, videos, you tube, etc. sometimes, when I go to town, I'll stop at the library and get on their DSL but time doesn't permit that a lot.


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