April 2, 2013

When Did It Become So Difficult?

When on earth did cell phones become so important? And when did it become difficult to find just the right phone?.. I honestly thought I was immune to that but I learned last week that sadly, I am not..

It all began around Wednesday of last week when S*rint who we have been with for thirteen years basically refused to do anything to help our problem. You see, with them our phones never worked correctly. I could never hold a signal inside my house for more than one minute if that and the next thing you know the call was dropped. Our phones also never could get a signal in Walmart either. Mr Lou and I go to Walmart a lot for our groceries and with our health issue's etc it is important that we be able to be in contact when we are not with each other. Well every time we hit Walmart we just prayed that neither of us needed each other until we were out of Walmart. 
When Mr Lou finally had enough he called S*print last week and they pretty much told him there was nothing they could do about it. When Mr Lou also asked about the 4G service that they have been promising for over a year he was told that have no idea when or if my area will ever get it. So that means these 4G phones we purchased last year basically are useless..When Mr Lou explained this to them, again, they did not seem to want to help So, Mr Lou got angry and thats never a good thing. He said that was it, we were done with that company, we were breaking the contract and he didn't care what they charged us they wouldn't see a dime. Off to Walmart we went that night and signed up for the Walmart Family Plan which is a pretty good deal. I bought a small phone, almost like a Blackberry and Lou got a small android phone. The price was right on them and off we went.. 

Well after using them for a few hours we realized these phones were not good. Mine was so small I was going cross eyed trying to see the buttons and read the screen. Mr Lou's android was also too small for him. Back to Walmart on Friday to return the phones and cancel the plan. Next we went over to T-Mobile which is right across the parking lot. 

T-Mobile gave us a good plan. Lou purchased the Samsung Galaxy III and I got back my beloved Blackberry which looked like this. 
I was so happy because I had a Blackberry years ago and I loved loved loved it. I spent Friday night setting it all up which is no small task. Sometimes I wake up during the night and when I do I usually grab my phone and read some news websites and then fall back asleep. What does this have to do with my Blackberry? Well, it forced me to admit something. I woke up around 4 am Saturday morning, reached for my Blackberry and to my shock and horror, I couldn't read the screen. It was too small for my almost 43 year old eyes!..I was not happy. When I got up Saturday morning I told this to Mr Lou and yep, back to T-Mobile we went. 

I ended up also getting the Samsung Galaxy III

I have to say while I was never crazy about android phones, this phone? I LOVE it!.. It's super easy to use. Has so many apps, the screen is a really nice size and I can SEE what I am reading or texting.. 

So I ask again, when did it become so difficult and important to get just the right phone and when did I become part of that crowd?


  1. LOL- I hate having to buy a new phone. I am going to have to get one soon and my son-in-law is a district manager with AT&T but their phone coverage is awful in this area so I am sticking with CellCom. I am often the only one in the family that can get a signal almost anywhere. Glad you finally got something you like- xo Diana

  2. I was perfectly happy with the old Nokia I had for the past 8 or so years, but last month, my husband bought me an iPhone 5. It's nice because I downloaded what's app and now can send photos and be in touch with friends outside of Kuwait. There's also Viber which is free calling worldwide if the other person has it, too. As soon as I signed up for it, my contacts were notified and I immediately received a text message and then a phonecall from a friend in Australia. So that's pretty nice. Otherwise, I'm not much into the whole cell phone thing and I definitely have to wear reading glasses when doing anything on the phone. I was considering a Samsung, if I had my choice, but as it turns out, hubby went ahead and got me something else. My friends are happy and thanked him for bringing me out of the Flintstone Ages. Ha! Have a great week. Tammy

  3. I was not a cell phone girl..was going to hold out forever, and then some before my old eyes, and even older body finally decided to get one...that would be decades from now.

    Then we moved up here, and realized that being stranded on the highway in a snowstorm wouldn't be fun, so we both got Androids...


    Yes, I love them...they are a absolute wonderful tool to have in our life. Oh...and as for the computer? I've only had one for 6 years...never wanted one of those either.

    So glad to hear that you found something that works for you both. As for the original company...that's what they deserve for not helping you out.



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